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Heart of Gold: Chapter 04, Page 104

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Comments (10)
  1. Marissa

    I’m so in love with all the backgrounds! (characters as well, of course)

    How do you set them up? Do you work with a 3d model as a basis over which you draw? It’s so perfect and has so many amazing angles! <3

    I always struggle on my backgrounds, so any tips are welcome!

    • Eli

      Thanks Marissa! We’re glad you enjoy them. We set up a 3D model of the church and refer to it for the backgrounds :D we thought about using photos as refs for angles etc, but with 2-3 page updates each week it’s a bit tough! Sorry we can’t help you much with background tips > < but using photos as refs and doing live drawings of interiors helps a lot! and there's tons of tutorials on perspective on tumblr and the like

    • Eli

      Oh gosh thank you so much! We’re really flattered. And yes, definitely! We’re planning on printing it in spring/summer next year.

  2. Konvee

    I love how much space you leave between the characters & the background to help the viewer breathe but at the same time make the scene more intense in the sense of “this is a silent thinking moment”… that r ay of light ;;;;; <333
    Congrats on completing scene 4 ;O; <333

    • Viv

      Thank you konvee! We like to play around with backgrounds and experiment with the effect of more/less space :D we hope it also adds to the storytelling!