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Heart of Gold: Chapter 04, Page 097

See this as a 2-page spread!

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Comments (11)
  1. passerby

    This 2 page spread is my favorite page so far. :0 Colors on point. Their postures are so nice… They say a lot about them.
    Ugh Ionel’s bottom panel. His eyes!! Who seem to be looking right at Dunant, and yet not only is his vision already failing, but the divide make it so they can’t see each other clearly either.
    I need to learn more about Dunant wHY IS HE DOING THIS (someone on the earlier pages mentioned that he wants to keep seeing Ionel, and you know what that is somewhat more comforting than the sketchy vibe he’s giving off). So mysterious.
    And ah, Ionel. He needs multiple hugs. Props to him for only starting to get frustrated now, though.
    can’t wait for next update :D

    • Eli

      Ahh thank you, that’s so good to hear!
      I love your description on their gazes omg ;v; Right-on!!
      Aaah we can’t wait to reveal the reason in the future, haha :D We really enjoy what people come up with. Thank you, as always, for commenting!

  2. altimys

    Wow, the two page spread looks absolutely fantastic! I was thinking about how nicely the two pages corresponded with each other, and of course, the spread just lays it out there in all its beauty! I really appreciate the composition in this webcomic.
    Lovely, lovely artwork and writing so far!

    • Viv

      Thank you so much altimys! We’re seriously floored people are enjoying the page spread, including you :D And it makes us even happier to know you are liking our compositions and writing <3!!!

  3. marshmallowlover

    Ohhhhh Dunant he clearly enjoys hearing Ionel’s voice XD but bruh, you better heal those eyes or he really gonna be pissed. Nice people are the scariest when they’re angry

  4. Jun Orphancross

    Ohh thats such an amazingly beautiful spread.(that’s somethimg I’d gladly buy as a poster) And those sad gazes ….. Colours, positions, howdark and light colours meet in the middle(the broad brush used for that looks so nice and gives quite a feeling too)
    I just want to give them a hug and pat on the back.

  5. Rocky

    Not to spam you with comments as I read through this, but I just had to mention how AMAZING your hands are. The way you draw them, they look so expressive, it’s very cool to see!