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Heart of Gold: Chapter 04, Page 094

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Comments (7)
  1. ghosoo

    I love your comic.. it is so beautiful, every page a piece of art. The story is also very fascinating, I can’t wait to see where it is going. I personally hope Dunant will be called out for his bullshit soon >:)

  2. Konvee

    One thing I appreciate more than anything in web comics is that each page is uploaded individually and you have time to sit back, take time and take the whole artwork in. The distraction of page consumption stops you, as there are not really many pages to continue (for the fast readers), which forces you to remain on a page and look for visual information that will help you understand a lot more than the dialogue and the panels if you scan them fast. Fast-scanning and skimming through pages to get to the end falls like a thin fabric over the care and love an artist puts into each panel, which covers important clues left there on purpose.

    But besides the clues and the gestures with meaning hidden, thank you so much for putting so much effort and care into something so beautiful…

    As always, amazing shots and composition. You always manage to make your background work in your favour and make each panel very, very interesting!

    • Eli

      Aw Konvee! We appreciate that a lot too :D And we’re happy you pay so much attention to it ;o;!!!! We love adding hidden symbology to a lot of things, especially backgrounds so that’s super appreciated!

      Thank YOU for always for commenting and reading the comic <3!!