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Heart of Gold: Chapter 04, Page 093

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Comments (14)
  1. Jun Orphancross

    My heart aches.I can’t see Ionel so sad in disappointment. Q__Q
    And I get the feeling….. Is Dunant somehow…afraid or forbidden to touch Ionel? I wonder….. Something’s still up with him getting his hand away from our lovely pianist…

    Btw I love how the colour scheme and athmosphere changes between the chapters/ from scene to scene.

  2. Marina

    I can’t stop admiring, and I don’t know right words in English to explain my deep feelings about this story. Every detail is a metaphor, the colours are meaningful…
    …The closer they get, the brighter the colours…?
    I love it so much. It’s THE ART.
    P.S. I guess, one of Dunant’s rings belongs to Ionel… ;)

    • Eli

      Your words honestly mean so much to us. That’s true, the colors are brighter and more saturated when they’re closer :D we tend to use brighter colors when Ionel’s around, and darker for Dunant, so they kind of meet in the middle.
      <3 <3 hoho! maybe ;^D

  3. Mephistopheles.

    I’m listening Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.4 this time, and I cannot ignore that something shady is on the hands of that priest…

    • Eli

      Nice, really good choice! Some of Satie’s compositions fit HoG really well, should listen to it more often while we draw :D (And Gnossienne No. 4 fits this really well!)

  4. marshmellowlover

    Okay ooookay, He’s definitely prolonging it so that he can see him again every Sunday. But why not just heal him and both go on a picnic and eat some sandwiches with cucumbers that Ionel can actually see without blurring?? Both happy!

  5. Konvee

    Is this a flashback? :O
    Dunant holding back his healing hands? What has he seen in Ionel… Is this how he (Dunant) is seeing things..? I wonder…. He is having such a hard time putting a tough face on :< is he trying to protect something?
    I love how you create an intense atmosphere with your color palettes…. it's brilliant… just brilliant ;A;

  6. Pat

    What if… Whenever Dunant heals somebody they die sometime after and that is why he doesn’t want to heal Ionel…? Just a thought
    By the way I love everything about this comic, it’s breathtaking.