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Heart of Gold: Chapter 03, Page 091

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Comments (9)
  1. passerby

    Ahh can’t wait for them to eventually fall for each other, and as curious as ever as to how it’s going to happen. Hopefully Ionel will finally get his turn next chapter!
    Beautiful art as always. The colors are so pretty :D

  2. Jun Orphancross

    Aww I love them and I love all their lovey dovey sketches on twitter ect xD
    Bautiful colours here. So fresh and sunny.
    Rereading all the pages I noticed that Dunant oftrn puts his hands behind his back when mass healing is not in service. Well he heals with his hands anyway though it sometimes feels that he keeps his hands away from people anyway? Generally there is a lot about his hands and rings. I bet all his healing powers come from his rings and he is just afraid they get stolen when he has his hands to often around people.(*joke*)
    Can’t wait for more. It just warms my heart to read this over and over.(getting warmed by a drama mystery where poor people die…. A Ionels and Dunants smiling faces make everything fluffier~)
    Just thank you, Viv, Eli, for this wonderful series to follow~~

    • Eli

      AAhh danke dir ;o;
      Omg that’s so observant of you! We put special emphasis on his gestures and hands, so happy you noticed! and LOL that’s a good theory ;D!
      Thank you for your lovely words <3 And haha, we love our drama mysteries too!

  3. Tsuskasa Hirokumo

    God everything about this comic is heavenly (hyu hyu hyu), from the characters to the colors to the atmosphere to the development to that sense of mystery and foreboding just- aghhhh I love this so much. I can’t wait for their relationship to develop, or for more secrets surrounding Dunant’s healing to be unveiled. Thank you both for this wonderful masterpiece!

  4. Aléjandro

    i’ve reread this comic quite a few times now but nothing quite blows me away as much as this entire segment in the sunlight, it’s so genuinely breathtaking and beautiful!! i am so excited to see where this will all go.