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Heart of Gold: Chapter 03, Page 084

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Comments (10)
  1. passerby

    He looks like some sort of mastermind who’s smirking confidently at the thought of an evil plan he’s planning. Or maybe he’s just smiling thinking about the stranger he lectured on not losing faith when really he was literally going blind?? Or maybe he just likes the sunlight. Who knows, one second sketchy boy is looking troubled and the other he’s smiling (I am so curious about him ahhh). Either way… I love his smile a lot. Also this page. beautiful art. :D

  2. comin thru!

    hi, just like to say the art and story so far is incredible!its so wispy and light but is also dark and eerie and i love it!
    also i love blond cotton candy man but idk y

  3. Konvee

    I have so many mixed feelings for this.. While he is trying to do his job (which is basically giving positive advice & bringing some light into the darkness but lying to people about healing?) and he is probably conflicted about it himself he is so happy to be on vacATION? Except if this isn’t vacation and just some days off (recalling from the previous chapter where he said that on a day the church will be closed of some sort). DUNANT YOU’RE JUST HUMAN DANG IT!!

    I feel conflicted..!! D:<<
    And I can;t believe I caught up.. finally! Apologies again for the spam ;; <33 I love this comic..!!

    • Eli

      He has a day off for the remainder of the day, that’s correct! :^) Haha he definitely feels weird about having some spare time though (but the reason for his happiness that day lies elsewhere… ; ) )

      Thanks for commenting, it was such a treat to read the comments konvee ;; You’re the best!!

  4. Rocky

    Your art style is so beautiful! I really love your backgrounds, they add so much to each scene. Really looking forward to seeing where this story goes, I’m finding it very intriguing!