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Heart of Gold: Chapter 03, Page 081

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Comments (6)
  1. passerby

    Troubled, sketchy boy, what’s wrong? He looks so tired all the time. I like the halo in the first panel, and the lil line that indicates the movement in the fourth one (maybe that’s an odd thing to point out? but I don’t know I really liked that detail). so flowy. so good. ahhhh.:D

    • Eli

      Omg I love that description for him, haha! Thank you <3 It was a last-minute decision but I ended up liking it too! (thank you for always commenting, it means a lot ;v; <3)

  2. Konvee

    Gosh the setting in those pages and the colouring is S T U N I N G! so aesthetically good…!! And his robe ;O; AHH <33 (not sure if this is how you state that cloth? but I am in love with the design..!!)