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Heart of Gold: Chapter 02, Page 045

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Comments (18)
    • Eli

      Thank you so much ;; being able to share it and seeing people enjoy it is definitely a highlight of our week, haha!

  1. Paula

    Omg I bet that the people that get cured then die not long after!! How intriguing! Some weird deal with god the priest has?

    I LOVE THIS COMIC, ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! Well done you guys

  2. visorah

    oh god i think i see where this is going!! question is, does dunant know the cost of his healing… :O

    anyways, the last pages have been amazing like the ones before – i wasn’t able to comment because i no longer have internet access outside of uni. ;_;

    • Eli

      Ahhh hey! we’re happy to see (or rather, read haha) you again after the move <3 No worries, that makes your comments all the more exclusive and special :D (and much appreciated.)

  3. passerby

    the artstyle is so beautiful :D and im in love with the color scheme, as well as the general vibe this webcomic gives off! i can’t wait to learn more about the story ahh :D

    • Viv

      Thank you! It’s really fun to work with such colors and we’re glad you like the vibe :D We’re also super excited to share more about the story!

  4. Mar'eyn

    x3 Saw the link to your comic on Krad’s twitter page~

    The colours and the interesting, different story made me stay!
    Can’t wait for more. Hope you will print it as soon it’s finished. Would defintily like to have a copy of it ♥

    Damn Really I wished I could colour like this ! so much atmosphere *-* *in love*