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  • in reply to: Off*Beat Chapter 18, part 2 discussion #51978

    I love hearing about new people finding Off*beat!! Thank you for reading and supporting Jen and Sparkler!

    You may or may not know there was a huge gap between volumes 2&3 because of issues with the original publisher which is why volume 3 is harder to find.

    in reply to: Off*Beat Chapter 18, part 2 discussion #39636

    What questions did you have about the end? I love talking about it!!! <3

    in reply to: Off*beat Chapter 15-A discussion #25190

    I have read it! I’m a little disappointed in Tory himself here (GASP!)… I was hoping he had learned a bit from disappointing his mother by going out when he was sick, that he was going to try and be a better son… and he’s moaning about helping mom shop for Christmas. Once a teenager, always a teenager.

    That being said, Colin is a bit of a dick here and I can see him using the fact he’s leaving to avoid Tory’s question. Fortunately we know they do meet again (chances of *that* happening were probably much less than the 1% Tory gave for this meeting).

    Colin looked very sad at the end, as if he maybe was trying to blow Tory off because he didn’t want to think about leaving (??)

    The extra chapter does fit and it makes reading the events of Chapter 16 more logical to me. More great work from Jen and it’s nice to see more off*beat as always!!

    in reply to: Orange Junk: Chapters 1-7 (Vol 1-2) #16725

    I am loving the story so far. What’s going on with Bruce and Drew and Lou… so many mixed signals in the first 100 pages (that’s as far as I’ve gotten)

    in reply to: Shut In Shut Out Discussion #13643

    You’re killing meeee!!!!!!!! Please tell me there’s more :3

    in reply to: Off*Beat Chapter 18, part 2 discussion #12895

    I think Tory realizes Colin’s need to continue the project… and Colin probably is complimenting Tory by telling him everything but telling him nothing by leaving the Grow Pak seeds.

    Also, I think they are married by the time Tory joins Colin (there was mention of the domestic wing). He may not be working directly with Colin (conflict of interest) but may be working with Grow Pak. He may or may not be a doctor either, or may be an intern.

    I asked Jen about what happens between the end of the last chapter and the epilogue. Tory and Mandy become close, Tory’s mom is relieved that Tory is forming relationships with people his own age and is supportive and accepting. Tory finishes high school early.

    She also told me Colin is all in on the project and has no desire to leave it.

    I think their love is so strong as to not be stopped by all the obsticles they have between them :-)

    in reply to: Off*Beat Chapter 18, part 2 discussion #12363

    I did. Tory’s hands and lips :P

    in reply to: The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1 #12338

    OMG I love this so far! The production is great guys and the story is fun. I cheated and read ahead ^-^;

    Rose and Bear <3

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 5 discussion #11780

    I have to ask about the flashlight!

    The wet ink on the paper from Emile was creepy enough… and then more of it later on! Someone seems to be trapped between our world and another world and maybe doesn’t realize it yet… *-*

    And I would wait until daylight to check the basement… in that house LOL

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 4 discussion #9056

    Actually I’m not surprised Emily died… maybe so quickly. Offbeat featured zero deaths vs Gatesmith which is in the running with Walking Dead lol.

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 4 discussion #9049

    This is so different than anything else Jen has done… I was surprised Emile died… I wonder how much time passed between Emile leaving and Lu coming?

    in reply to: Intros! #8027

    I’m Sarah and I may be the biggest fan of Off*beat there is. I’m forever thankful for everyone at Sparkler for bringing us the 3rd volume and I want to help out any way I can :)

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 3 discussion #7705

    I loved it too… I looked for the new chapter last Friday but was happy to see it today! Things still don’t totally make sense but I gather thasts other idea at this point. Wearing the skin of that wolf is a good way to get yourself in trouble!

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 2 discussion #6837

    It’s still so early… I don’t know what to make of any of these characters yet but Morgan is creeeepy af! The way Jen showed what looked like her “unraveling” into some sort of “ripple in time” was so cool to see. The artwork on this, the landscapes… beautiful! The dialog is spot on (although I must admit I don’t know much about westerns… it seems legit to me ^-^)

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 1 discussion #6064

    Jen and her hooks… addicting!!!! <3

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