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  • in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 5, Part 1 Discussion #30060
    Pachi —

    Kadoyuki, you sneaky, self-sacrificing little jerk. Oh, my god.

    You sum this up so succinctly!

    God dammit, Kadoyuki.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 2 Discussion #27255
    Pachi —

    This is a quick reply to reply to your reply cuz it’s 630 in the morning and I SHOULD BE ASLEEP but instead here I am, thinking about Tokyo Demons.

    But he’s back! The fact that the first person he calls is Ayase is to be expected, but still touching.

    But Sachi’s all fucked up and that makes me sad D: AT LEAST HE’S NOT A CORPSE… My heart hurts for them holy shit.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one seriously invested in Mitsuko and Jo’s relationship. I’ll save the gushy paragraphs for my entry in the shipping contest, but suffice to say that I’m going to continue shipping it until their inevitable miserable breakup. Then I’ll make myself consolation tea.

    I WILL READ YOUR SHIPPING PARAGRAPHS PLEASE WRITE THEM. I do adore their relationship and this chapter was like, perfect for showing why Mitsuko is especially really good for Jo. She’s free with her love, which in a way can take a ton of pressure off of someone (instead of viewing love as this rare thing that’s oceans deep that can be terrifying for some), and also she shows Jo that even if she loves Miki and loved Takeshi, she doesn’t forget about Jo. She didn’t HAVE to text Jo. She didn’t HAVE to choose to communicate with him when everything was a mess, but she did.

    I really want to reply to this more (I love discussion for this series SO MUCH) but I seriously have to go to bed. I haven’t slept! Hahaha!!! Ha…! *dies*

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23817
    Pachi —

    Oh poop lemme clarify. By “Touya going to the church” I didn’t mean him joining them so much as being at their total mercy for WHATEVER they might choose to do. The idea behind it being “Well you’re DEFINITELY going to die without pitch, maybe the Church has it and WON’T kill you so you MIGHT live.”

    So like, “you’re definitely going to die” vs “well you MIGHT live” from Touya’s POV. End goal for Kado entirely being getting out of the apartment, whether Touya lives or not. I do have some rereading to do though.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23815
    Pachi —

    Yesss. It’s so hard to get people past those first few chapters and the writing style. I spend way too much time thinking about how to get more people into this fandom.

    The problem I have is people not wanting to suffer. Why don’t you want to suffer??

    And speaking of the OT3, imagine how Sachi would react if he and Kadoyuki were finally freed and he comes back to see Ayase and she’s…bugs. Permanently.

    Sachi very nervously holding an AyaseBee in his hands and reminding himself that it’s Ayase and being thankful that he can read her feelings still.

    I think at this point, Kado would be pretty chill with AyaseBees on him?? He can hear her thoughts after all, which definitely helps.

    But first he’s got to be freed, and since Touya is probably down for the count, it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out. I honestly have no idea how Kado’s going to get out of being strangled by someone with Pitch-enhanced muscles.

    I kinda theorize that Kado’s goals are to make Touya go to the Church team since they do, in fact, have pitch. I’m not sure if Kado realizes this, but it would be easy enough to bait Touya into going.

    Like right now I feel like Touya’s just gonna spontaneously pass out. He’s weak as hell, and adrenaline doesn’t go very far at all.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23807
    Pachi —

    Yeah! I mean, from a couple chapters ago, we know that Ayase’s basically made up of buggy stem cells, but idk if she could like… make them multiply in any way? There’s no way she has enough bugs to make any semblance of a body right now, I don’t think. Not without getting into some supremely screwed up body horror and equipment that I’m pretty sure no one has.

    Okay I’m getting into some weird scifi thoughts here.

    On a related note: “No one could hear her. Not without Kadoyuki.” AKA, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s imprisoned in an apartment being strangled by Touya.” Way to shank all the OT3 shippers in the feels, Lianne.

    THAT LINE DESTROYED ME. *clutches heart* I can’t handle these feelings. I can’t.

    Also good job on bringing more people to the suffering side! :D So satisfying!

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23780
    Pachi —

    “Holy shit.” Sums up the chapter quite nicely, Olivia.

    I’m freaking out about Ayase a bit. How much Ayase is even LEFT?

    … Is she gonna have to breed her bugs to regenerate enough of her body?? Shit.

    in reply to: Shut In Shut Out Discussion #13459
    Pachi —

    As far as I know, this doesn’t tie into Dead Endings at all (which you should totally read soon because it’s one of my fave things that Sparkler’s run).

    I so, totally understand that heart punching feeling though. The pain is so worth it though.

    in reply to: The Maiden and the Fish (short story) #8599
    Pachi —

    Is necroposting a thing here?

    Well, whatever. I just finished rereading this and the ending left me just as giddy as the first time I read it. This whole thing is stunningly written and flows beautifully. It’s incredibly easy to just fall into Fuji’s world.

    I really, really hope to read your future works one day.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons: Fukuhashi Fight Club (short story) discussion #7964
    Pachi —

    1) If the mood ever struck you, I’d love to see more of this silly little AU. It’s incredibly amusing between Miki and the other innuendos. Like what if we got to see the formation of the Fukuhashi Fight Club?
    I mean really I look for any excuse to see more of Miki and his colorful language.

    2) I have to ask, what in the world started your adventures with 8th grade mat brawling? (Google wants me to correct ‘mat’ to ‘math.’) I mean I know in 8th grade I stole some girl’s lunchbox because peer pressure and shit (she got it back because I felt bad) but the only brawling I experienced was chasing around the boys on the wrestling team for being racist.

    Dang. I didn’t realize until now how adventurous 8th grade apparently is!

    in reply to: Skyglass: Chapter 4 discussion #6851
    Pachi —

    I did not plan to get emotionally invested in this series and yet HERE I AM, STRUGGLING THROUGH THE MONTH UNTIL THERE’S A NEW CHAPTER.

    Seriously though, I love this and how colorful the characters always feel, even with Moss and his dreariness.

    I don’t have a whole lot to say, but I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter <3

    in reply to: Dire Hearts: Chapter 2 discussion #6040
    Pachi —

    I know this is on a hiatus right now but I just read what was available and man I’m interested! My theories aren’t even half baked at this point to be worth mentioning (they’re in the flour and eggs stage) but maaannn it was a good read!

    I wish the best to Christy for her health!

    Pachi —

    Also I totally listened to the Miki Date CD, which is a style of storytelling I’ve never listened to or realized existed (I knew about drama CDs but not these sort of one sided ones) and ultimately, I think I love Miki more than I did, and I love him a lot. He’s got juust the right amount of fire and cuteness to him.

    Pachi —

    Sachi-Kado relationship will have its true breakthrough soon


    I’m gonna have to listen to that mix and daydream about them later. <strike>It’s not as though I haven’t been doing that on the drive to work or anything.</strike>

    In the case of the paperback, I might have to go ahead and order the first one rather than wait and get them together. I can wait a little bit, but I really want to read the Mitsuko and Miki story in there. I adore both of them and the fact that there’s an opportunity to see more of their relationship is delightful.

    I’d like to go back and revise some stuff (the first half dragged pretty bad)[…]

    It certainly didn’t feel like it dragged! But then again I did read both books in a week and told myself a hundred times “Okay ONE MORE PARAGRAPH and I’m going to bed” so maaaybe I’m not the best judge of that.

    I’m really happy that Tokyo Ghosts is planned at all! I don’t read as much as I used to, but I always wanted to see what happened to the characters when they grew up and I rarely got to. Admittedly, sometimes the character’s lives were probably really boring after the end of their adventures, but who cares? Reading about their crappy little office job is at least something!

    So yeah, getting to see them as adults is really exciting for me *-*

    I strongly suggest you try Tokyo Demons Audio

    I was planning too once I was finished listening to the Sparkler podcast (which has been really fun to hear). I’m sure there’s a lot of foreshadowing details that I missed on the first read through, so getting to listen will open up a whooole new world of information and details.

    >Magical girl
    Welp two of my favorite things I’m gonna have to invest some time in that!

    (Apologies if any formatting is messed up! I was trying to keep this organized and also do a strikethrough but I’m not sure whether it worked or not until I hit submit!)

    Pachi —

    I am SO looking forward to Tokyo Ghosts *-*

    That and buying the paperbacks together when they’re both available. I think I’ve read most of the short stories at this point!

    And now I realize that every time I look at that last piece of art with Sachi and Kadoyuki in the car, my heart hurts. My heart can only break so many times (or so I thought).

    Pachi —

    Well. I marathonned this over a week and I have to say, I haven’t been this emotionally invested in a story in a long time.

    So on one hand, I’m really excited to see what happens after this chapter!

    On the other hand, I’m losing my mind with impatience.

    I’m so happy this exists though. I missed reading and loving it (and I missed the pain of character suffering, haha).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)