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  • in reply to: Master thread for Year 3 Kickstarter #29344

    Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations! ?

    in reply to: The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1 #12484

    People, your cats awesome ! *___*

    I loved the rest of Chapter 1! :) ♥
    I’m convinced that Aina is actually crushing on Misaki.
    Also, I think Nishida said that “Misaki is nothing to him” to protect her from Ayukawa.
    Oh, and Ayukawa is so scary! *__* I really like her!

    “Oh, God” seems to be Misaki’s catchphrase :D I hope to hear her say that many times more ^_^
    And the cliffhanger ending! *__* Looking forward to the next installment!

    Please, please, tell us who is the voice of the announcer in t he fantasy-sequence-game?
    And who’s voicing the character that’s cravingnicotinecravingnicotinecravingnicotine?

    in reply to: The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1 #12303

    *beams* =^___^=

    in reply to: The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1 #12299

    I had this urge to draw CLC fan art… I did not resist it ^_^

    On Tumblr!

    in reply to: The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1 #12282

    Squee! ♥

    Everything is so adorable! I’m already loving this story =^__^=

    I fell in love with the art for this series at first sight! The colors!.. they make me all warm and fuzzy =^_^= Bravo, Aiwa!
    And I adore Misaki’s character design! ♥
    Can’t wait to see an illustration of Aina! I think she instantly became my favorite character!
    But Misaki and Sebastian also are super likeable :)

    And I also loved the music =^__^=

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 5 discussion #11707

    [Warning! This comment contains SPOILERS for the entirety of Ch. 5]

    Skye tap-tap-tapping impatiently at the Saloon is my favorite scene in this series so far! =^__^=

    And I’m just so, so glad to see Skye again. ♥ He is great in this chapter and he doesn’t even have any lines *__*
    Oh, the cliffhanger ending!.. I hope he doesn’t attempt to eat Morgan…

    And, wow!, nobody died in this Chapter! This is surprising ^_^

    So Lu is short for Lucrezia. Good to know :)

    I wonder if Mrs. Rousseau – if that is indeed Mabel’s last name – is related to Emile (professor Rousseau)…

    I find the mystery of the letter extremely interesting *__* Something (read: everything about this extraordinary story) tells me the explanation is not going to be as simple as “ghosts”.

    “Mythrilite” is a fictional something, right? Or am I ignorant?

    Loved this chapter! ♥ ^___^

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 4 discussion #9053

    wonder1440, now that you mention it, I start wondering about that too… My guess is somewhere between a few months and a few years?

    in reply to: Awake actor roundtable #9024

    Lianne Sentar
    , thank you! =^___^= (I will post a bigger version – so that the details would be visible – on tumblr&deviantart later)

    in reply to: Awake actor roundtable #9016

    Rebecca Scoble, Thank you! And I’m so glad to hear that =^__^=

    I enjoyed the 2nd rountable immensely too :) Thank you for answering the questions!

    But when I said “fan art” I meant Rosa/Janelle fan art specifically. You already saw the W.I.P.s on tumblr, I think. I finally finished it:
    Janelle Vetrov and Captain Rosa Medina dancing to smooth jazz music, lit by romantic candlelight + bubbles and the little nurses got involved for some reason 0-O

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 4 discussion #8988

    Lillian Diaz-Przybyl:

    BUT, Lu appears in our Gatesmith promo art (in the back of Off*Beat 3!), so I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of her in the future! ^_^

    Oh! I hadn’t realized it’s her! Hurrah, then! =^__^= I’m really glad to hear that^^
    And it’s Cody next to her, right?**

    But, yes, the body count sure is impressive^^ Oh! I know! All the characters not hanging on that fence die, don’t they? Because, even though my theories about the hat seem to be incorrect, I still wonder if Morgan is not exactly “alive” in the traditional sense of the word…

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 4 discussion #8962

    So cool!
    I’m loving miss Cruz! ♥ I hope she doesn’t perish in the next chapter. At least, nothing/no one attacked her instantly when she entered the house, right? Oh, the suspense!..
    And Dante showed up! *___* Yay! And he’s got an alliterative name, I love it! And he looks older than in Hungry, mm…
    And Morgan took off her hat and nothing apparently happened. There go my assumptions >__<
    I gotta read up on Lite bulbs&magnetism…

    in reply to: Gatesmith: Chapter 4 discussion #8891

    The discussion thread is here before the Chapter itself, huh? Seems like the time to say that I’m really really looking forward to it and I’m sure it’s going to be awesome =*___*=


    Oh! I would also love for there to be more Awake stories in the future!♥

    And someone, please, please, write some Rosa/Janelle fanfiction =*___*=

    (This is not the intended coherent comment yet)


    Okay, after listening to the epilogue I feel a lot better about Awake and the universe in general.
    The second roundtable is absolutely delightful! I’m most excited to have learnt the mystery behind Persephone’s voice ♥
    And the outtakes are so funny, yay! ^__^

    (Hopefully, I will make a more coherent comment sometime later.)

    in reply to: Awake actor roundtable #8549

    Wow! The roundtable turned out to be absolutely delightful!
    Rebecca Scoble, Annemieke Wade, Jae Jae Lopez, thank you so much for answering my questions! And you even answered the really silly ones! ^^
    Listening to it was great fun!

    “Travis!” Ha-ha ^__^ Everyone`s favorite line^^

    Oh, the process of creating an audio drama seems so magical *__* Making sound effects sounds really fun. Behind-the-scenes details about the sounds were super interesting, thank you for telling us that, Rebecca! I had no idea every character had their own footsteps. It`s so cool!

    My favorite part of this podcast was probably when you talked about the epilogue! Some incredible revelations indeed XD *giggles hysterically*

    (About Rosa’s wife’s name – every time I heard it, it made me think about the so called Chinese Phoenix, fenghuang. So I like her name a lot.)

    I didn’t mean to be creepy/weird when I asked about shipping and the “how” of it, sorry!=^^=’ Thank you for answering that! That was great!

    I could totally hear the Janelle/Travis UST in Awake, and I like Travis and Seb together and Janelle and Seb’s friendship, but somehow Travis/Seb/Janelle is a place where my mind never went to before listening to this podcast… but now I think it’s going to be my Awake OT3 *__*

    And I couldn’t really see Rosa/Janelle happening before, because, at different points in the canon, both Janelle and Rosa have denied the possibility of it (which, in and of itself, can be viewed as a reason to ship them, really) and because there used to be Rosa/Jamilah and Jimmy Miller was the exception, not the rule (but everything can be different on Persephone, surely), but, yes, this ship has so many interesting implications, and you’ve brought up some amazing ones *___*
    There needs to be lots and lots of Rosa/Janelle fanfics! ♥ Yes, yes, yes, please!
    I doubt I will ever write any, though, but I think I will make some fan art *__*

    This was fantastic! Thank you!

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