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  • in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 5, Part 1 Discussion #30059

    Kadoyuki, you sneaky, self-sacrificing little jerk. Oh, my god.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 2 Discussion #27246

    Additional post to talk about shipping feels:

    With Kado gone (and Sachi thinking things were more intimate between them than reality), Sachi’s relationship with Ayase might come under a lot of strain. I really hope I’m wrong.

    “You’re so light,” he whispered, aching relief in his voice. “I could carry you all day.”

    That whole segment is probably my favourite part of the entire chapter. I ship the OT3, like most sensible folk. Still, Kiyoshi accepts Ayase in a different way than Sachi does. Sachi and Kado loves her even though he can read her mind; Kiyoshi loves her even though her body is really goddamn weird. And I ship that, too.

    The phone buzzed again. I love you, it said.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one seriously invested in Mitsuko and Jo’s relationship. I’ll save the gushy paragraphs for my entry in the shipping contest, but suffice to say that I’m going to continue shipping it until their inevitable miserable breakup. Then I’ll make myself consolation tea.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 2 Discussion #27239

    Slightly tipsy and it’s far past midnight, but I’m weighing in anyways!

    The cliffhanger this chapter ended on is probably the worst ever. Ever. Look at Sachi. SACHI NO.

    But he’s back! The fact that the first person he calls is Ayase is to be expected, but still touching. I’m going to theorize that Kado isn’t dead, only because I’m almost 100% certain Lianne would have just included that in the last sentence to crush our hearts instead of a cliffhanger. As it is, I’m going to guess he’s MIA, just like Touya. Why, I have no clue. It’s Kado so it’s probably something very smart, very noble, and very, very likely to make his life worse.

    We got our answer about how dead/not dead Ayase is at least! Horray! I feel like the longer this series goes on, the less she’s going to be phased about terrible things happening to her body. Reform without an arm?? Welp that happened.

    The way Aisha handled it is genius, and notably something none of us thought of in the other thread. Why not just ditch perfunctory organs? That’s also a great point about Ayase getting used to disfigurement. There have been lots of series parallels between her adjusting to her bug state as she becomes more comfortable with her human body/sexuality. She’s almost clinical about its morph abilities in this chapter.

    in reply to: Master thread for Year 3 Kickstarter #26403

    I was wondering if you could list the books that would be included in the $200 Kickstarter tier, please? I tried counting from the store, but the numbers didn’t make sense. Also, would it be possible to swap the audio out for an IOU of some sort? My netbook doesn’t have a disc drive, unfortunately.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23816

    I think at this point, Kado would be pretty chill with AyaseBees on him?? He can hear her thoughts after all, which definitely helps.

    He’s always been pretty chill with them, actually. And Ayase as well, at least more so than Sachi. (Poor Sachi.)

    I kinda theorize that Kado’s goals are to make Touya go to the Church team since they do, in fact, have pitch. I’m not sure if Kado realizes this, but it would be easy enough to bait Touya into going.

    Like right now I feel like Touya’s just gonna spontaneously pass out. He’s weak as hell, and adrenaline doesn’t go very far at all.

    He could potentially just faint, but he seems coherent and focused enough in this instance to stick it out for the few minutes it would take to kill Kado.

    As for Touya joining the Church…well, first of all I don’t think he’d be welcome. The Church has a tight-knit team, and trusting each other is a large part of why their dynamic works. Touya would be a thousand times worse than Nakajima as an ally. Even if he needs them to wean himself off the Pitch, what about after that? He’s too weak and borderline crazy to be an asset at the moment, and the second he healed he’d just break the allegiance. It certainly doesn’t seem to be in Kadoyuki’s plans, if “I lied” is any indication.

    As a separate issue, what exactly is going to happen to Byakko after this? Miki’s almost guaranteed to be locked up and Takeshi’s dead. Mitsuko already said she isn’t interested in the guys’ side of things. I mean, with Zero gone there might not be a need to use Byakko as a weapon anymore, but it seems like a nasty way for things to end.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23809

    Also good job on bringing more people to the suffering side! :D So satisfying!

    Yesss. It’s so hard to get people past those first few chapters and the writing style. I spend way too much time thinking about how to get more people into this fandom.

    There’s no way she has enough bugs to make any semblance of a body right now, I don’t think. Not without getting into some supremely screwed up body horror and equipment that I’m pretty sure no one has.

    I mean, I’d be down for some body horror, but that would be very unlike Tokyo Demons. And speaking of the OT3, imagine how Sachi would react if he and Kadoyuki were finally freed and he comes back to see Ayase and she’s…bugs. Permanently. Not that it’s going to happen in canon, but man would that make for some fantastic angst fic with all his issues surrounding insects.

    But first he’s got to be freed, and since Touya is probably down for the count, it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out. I honestly have no idea how Kado’s going to get out of being strangled by someone with Pitch-enhanced muscles.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23806

    That’s the part that got me, too. I coerced a friend into subscribing and reading, and she just got to the part where Ayase attacks Daniel and Nick and can’t regenerate her arm. According to Jo, there’s about half of her left. Even if she can move wounds around, that’s not going to go well. She’s been shown to heal exceptionally quickly, but growing limbs back would probably be too much even for her. Not to mention…can her bugs breed? She’s only ever healed in her human form, but she might not be able to pull enough insects together to create a functioning human body.

    On a related note: “No one could hear her. Not without Kadoyuki.” AKA, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s imprisoned in an apartment being strangled by Touya.” Way to shank all the OT3 shippers in the feels, Lianne.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion #23771

    Holy shit.

    in reply to: Dusk in Kalevia: Chapter 12 discussion #13431

    Goddammit, why did I read that when I knew I was in for a cliffhanger with the finale right around the corner? Now I have to suffer for another month or more.

    It’s hard not to be frustrated with Vesa this chapter, but at the same token it’s easy to see why he’s such a mess. He’s under a ton of stress, and nothing’s quite adding up. It makes sense he’d doubt what he’s seeing now that the impossible’s happened numerous times.

    Speaking of the impossible, it feels great to see the angels finally go all-out with their powers. Since we’re usually locked into their points of view, watching them struggle, it never quite came across how inhuman they were. The chapter illustration emphasizes it: they’re strong and ancient powers, and boy, are they mad.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 3, Part 1 discussion #12260

    Okay, I’m tired so this probably isn’t going to come out all that coherently, but I am in love with this chapter. It always amazes me how much Lianne can cram into such a short update without it feeling forced.

    First of all, I had a sudden flash of inspiration a while back in regards to Kado and how he’s planning to escape, or at least let Sachi escape. Hiding the condoms from Touya a few instalments ago makes total sense if you consider he absorbs powers via body fluids. I’m guessing he’s also going to start taking Pitch, if he hasn’t already. It fits in with his self-destructive way of fighting, and let’s face it: if there’s an awful thing that can happen to Kado, it will. Especially with all the foreshadowing about keeping psychics away from the stuff.

    Now, let’s move on to the happy(?) things! Like Nick potentially waking up, which is a relief. Like Mitsuko being her wonderfully unique self, using her powers of seduction and manipulation to trick people…into doing what’s best for themselves. Like Miki actually admitting Jo has earned his trust. I like Miki, but he always seemed a bit static in comparison to the rest of the cast. He needs to show his squishy bits more often. Plus, I never thought I’d see the day where Jo demurely plays peacemaker. He’s come a loooong way.

    Anyways, it’s 11 at night and I have homework to do now that I’m not checking the website every four minutes to see if it’s updated, so I will post my thoughts on the rest of the chapter tomorrow. Preview: “Squee! Squee! Squee—OH SHIT.”

    in reply to: Before You Go: Halfway There (short story) #9041

    Chiming in here to say that my friend was feeling down because of a little homophobia. I sent her the first Before You Go story, and her response via Facebook was “oh god oh god. that was. sniff. PERFECT.” So thanks for helping me make her feel better. ^o^

    in reply to: Mahou Josei Chimaka (including teaser!) #8958

    The silly code names and magical chants had me snickering pretty quickly. Seriously, what kind of name is “Agent Coyote Boulder?” I started getting really strong Puppycat and Bee vibes about halfway through the chapter, which is awesome. It’s a shame this is only going to be a short story.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 2, Part 1 discussion #8388

    Ha ha, I’m happy to have you during serialization, Olivia. <3 You’re always posting in various threads of the Sparkler forum and it’s wonderful.

    Well, now I have to stick around, don’t I? :p

    I remember you mentioning before (I don’t precisely recall when) that Book 3 is going to be Touya’s story the same way Book 1 was Kiyoshi’s and Book 2 was Kadoyuki’s. Considering how much I loved the characters by the end of those, I’ll give a non-committal “hmm” to Touya. I don’t think I could ever forgive him, but I do want to learn why he’s become what he is.

    Nakajima’s gonna take center stage these next few chapters, because she’s piiiiiissed.

    Now that’s what I like to hear. :D

    in reply to: Mahou Josei Chimaka (including teaser!) #8254

    As someone who is a rabid magical girl fan (Cardcaptor Sakura will forever be a part of me), I am more than excited for some affectionate parody and a closer look at what happens after one goes to all the trouble of saving the world.

    in reply to: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 2, Part 1 discussion #8253

    Ah, nothing like a dose of Nakajima being badass to make one’s day. (Cold, calculating, and emotionally withdrawn, certainly, but still badass.) It’s also interesting to see Touya finally getting the development he needs to seem like an actual person, not an enigmatic supervillain. His breakdown might be sad if it weren’t so infinitely satisfying to see him losing control over people for once. My desire to keep up so I can discuss new chapters in the forums is beginning to war with my usual habit of hoarding story updates until I can marathon the volume in one glorious rush.

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