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What's your favorite new anime?

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    Rebecca Scoble

    I was wondering what people are watching this season.

    Lianne and I have been following Free!, which is pretty ridiculous but also entertaining. I’m always impressed by how well the creators know their audience. Every episode has about 10 points that immediately spawn fandom in such an obvious way–and my tumblr feed makes it pretty clear how much those moments are catching on (I had a solid week of nonstop cop-stripper Rin doing his little dance). I feel freaking silly when I watch it, but what the hell, it’s a good time.

    And, of course, Sailor Moon Crystal–though I think I’ll enjoy that a bit more once we get past the part where they introduce the characters we’ve all known for two decades. I was never a moonie, but most of my friends were, so I’m having a good time getting the whole Sailor Moon thing from the beginning. And holy crap, every time Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask is onscreen the ridiculous factor gets multiplied by 1000. Dude, stop wearing formalwear in the middle of the day!

    But the anime I’m enjoying most at the moment is Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun. I am such a sucker for manga and anime satire and self-aware comedy, and anything about creating or publishing comics. I’ve spent every episode so far cackle-laughing. Highly recommended.

    What else are people watching right now? Anything to recommend/warn us away from?


    I’ve been watching Princess Jellyfish and trying to finish up Madoka Magica. I started Kill La Kill, but I haven’t been watching everything consistently. I love Michiko and Hatchin, even though the ending was a little abrupt. I want to rewatch Samurai Champloo and a FMA: Brotherhood. Free, I haven’t really watched it in a while. We watch the abridged version called 50% off, it’s hilarious. I need to really just need to finish things all the way until the end.

    Rebecca Scoble

    Princess Jellyfish is THE BEST! I love that show so much. More series about weirdo girl nerds, please!

    Finishing anime is really hard–especially if you’re watching with subs, you have to pay complete attention and who has time for that? That’s why I’ve been trying to watch things as they come out–I can handle 23 minutes a week, less so catching up with some 52 episode series. Lianne and I watched some of Yowamushi Pedal and were enjoying it, but that was a lot of hours of anime to introduce four characters and show two bike races.

    I’ll have to look up 50% off–I’ll happily admit that I’m enjoying Free season 2, but there’s definitely a lot to make fun of in the average episode.


    Yep, watching Free. Also watching “The Irregular at Magic High School” which was based on a light novel series about modern magic.

    Checking out “Glasslip” because it’s by PA Works. They seem to be taking a slice of life story and transposing some kind of weird time travel thing on top of it. Don’t know if I understand this premise but they have done a good job with a lot of “dramas” so I’m going to try to be patient with this one.

    Monthly’ Girls’ Nozaki-kun, however, is the hands-down most hilarious thing ever. Girl tries to confess to a guy who think she’s a fan of his because he’s a shoujo mangaka.

    Rebecca Scoble

    Time travel, eh? I’m a sucker for a good time travel story…maybe I’ll have to look that up.

    I absolutely agree about Nozaki-kun. So freaking great :D


    I think Glasslip is losing me. I think the problem I’m having is that unless it’s Anohana (The Flower we saw that Day), most of these weird friend/group animes just can’t hold my interest. I’m not too fond of the trope whereby we throw a random group of friends up on screen and then romantic entanglements/unexpressed feelings surface and the subsequent angst is supposed to carry you along. That only works if it’s got a compelling setup. Dead ghost girl (Anohana) works as did Honey and Clover (mostly because Morita was just so off the wall).

    Glasslip is just reminding too much of another PA Works entry last season about people who are essential modern water dwellers (merpeople) . It had beautiful imagery but just felt cranky watching the junior high drama.

    Nozaki-kun is just fun. I worry every week it’s going to jump the shark… but this past week in that second arc when Nozaki is pushing that cart and it goes flying off that staircase… man, that was a visual punchline worth waiting for.

    Sword Art Online 2 is starting off better than that last arc in season 1. But… I’m wary of where it’ll head. After seeing Log Horizon, I realized that SAO was really lazy about its payoff in books 1/2. LH as an anime is a far better , more disciplined experience.

    I really was hoping Samurai Jam-Bakumatsu Rock would be better than it is but I want to burn it with fire. I love Bakumatsu era stuff. But this one is trying too hard and I really hate the character designs for Sakamoto, Takasugi, and Katsura. The Shinsengumi boy band ones are very tame and not very inventive. Sadly Hijikata looks like historical Hijikata and Okita is “vicious pretty.”

    I feel obligated to watch it though. But I would rather have the Urakata versions as done by the folks who did Hakuoki Shinsengumi.


    I really need to get caught up on Nozaki-kun! I made the mistake of watching it with my husband, and now I have to wait for him to want to watch it to watch the episodes. >:O So now all I have is my guilty pleasure anime series this season: Love Stage! and DMMD. Which I am totally watching because I am trash. I tried to watch Ao Haru Ride, I really did, but geeeeeh… I might give it another go but the setup so boring I dunno.


    I’ll add to the recommendation of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. I came for the jabs at shojo manga tropes, I stayed for the excellent comic timing and sensibility.

    I recently picked up Right Stuf’s rescue of the late 90s girl’s baseball anime, Princess Nine. It’s pretty cheesy sometimes, and the main romantic interest is annoying, but I like how the girls all interact and become friends. I have zero interest in real sports played by by real humans, but I really liked it.

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