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What do you want to see from Sparkler?

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    Rebecca Scoble

    Hey guys, I thought I’d put this thread here to get some feedback from our subscribers! We have a ton of ideas about cool bonus content, subscriber exclusives, and just new interesting ways to tell stories and get content out there–but we only have so much time and money to put into everything, so I thought I’d ask all of you what interests you most.

    Below is a list of things we may do in the future–some of this is already in production, other stuff is still in the “wouldn’t it be cool if…” stage. We’d love to hear what you find most interesting, or if you have any other ideas for things you’d like to see. We want to give our supporters what you want, after all!

    Bonus stories/side stories for our series
    SEXY bonus stories
    Bonus art, short comics or minicomics
    SEXY bonus art (we’ve already started with this one, obviously :D)
    Audio interviews with creators
    Short audio dramas of our existing comic and prose series
    Simple flash games
    Visual novels/otome games
    Articles and tutorials about the creative process–art, writing, etc.


    *Sparkly eyes* I like all these things.

    Something that I have seen is character FAQs – where the characters answer questions submitted. That might be cool – although I assume it might be tough


    Ohhh.. yes. I like all these things as well.. *.*
    I also second Becky on character questions, love that. AND I would put a fight for Rem’s original art too!!! *drools* XD

    Rebecca Scoble

    Hmm…this hadn’t occurred to us before, but I like the idea of an in-character q-and-a. It would work better for some series/characters than others, and it also depends which writers are up for it, but I think it’s definitely an idea we could do a lot of cool things with. Thanks for the suggestion, guys!

    Lianne Sentar

    Character Q-and-A’s are actually pretty easy, if the creator is down with it. If the characters have voice actors (like in Tokyo Demons), we could even do it in audio form, too. Interesting idea! I didn’t know this was a thing. *lol*

    Kelly Hoolihan

    Oh man, all of that stuff looks amazing! I was going to suggest interviews with creators if it wasn’t on there, where they could talk about their work or their creative process or whatever. Process stuff is almost always really interesting.

    Lianne Sentar

    Between the Christy interview and the extras in the Off*Beat ebooks/paperbacks, our creators seem very happy to talk about their creative process. We’re hoping to do more of that in the future, preferably in a few different formats to keep things interesting. :)


    I’d love to see some 4-koma strips from the other Sparkler series. The ones done for Tokyo Demons are adorable! I’ve also seen artists do character Q&A’s in strip form so that could work too. I also looooooove process/interview stuff of any kind and will devour anything I can get. *_*

    Lianne Sentar

    Yeah, we love 4-koma and hope to do more! Jen Quick has done awesome ones for Off*Beat (in the ebooks/paperbacks and on her deviantArt). And the Tokyo Demons ones were drawn by Romy-chan, who is AMAZING at chibis.

    Speaking of which…Romy-chan has something awesome coming for the December issue. :D


    Character F-A-Qs would be fun forsure! I’d be down for audio/illustrated/written versions.

    Side stories following certain characters would be fun. I’d love to see this done for Awake and Tokyo Demons. Some eye candy to go with my ear candy would be awesome!

    SEXY bonus stories

    oooooooooooooooooooooo! :3

    I’m down with Audio interviews with creators. I’d love to see everyone’s inspiration for their ideas.

    Visual novels/otome games
    o-oh gosh. I’ve never played a VN before, but if there was one made of Awake…..I’d easily throw down all the money for it. Maybe that could be the bonus for a whole year subscription? (since I’m sure it would be a lot of work to make)


    The thing I’d be most interested in seeing off that list is the creative-process articles, because I LOVE seeing people talk about these things! (Plus, it means that the Sparkler staff have more specific resources they can point people to, which might help?)

    Apart from that, I like the idea of bonus stories, sexy or otherwise, and the visual novels! Having games like that on the site would be really interesting and cool to see, but I imagine would be a nightmare in terms of logistics.

    Rebecca Scoble

    Oh, we have big plans for visual novels–I wish I could say more right now! If all goes well, we’ll be doing a big announcement in a couple months :D

    Also, since in-character Q&As seem to be of interest to a lot of you, that’s something we’ll definitely do for at least some of our series. I’m starting with Awake since audio takes the most lead time and I want to squeeze this into our next recording sessions. You can head over to the Awake forum and ask the characters some questions in the thread there if you’d like–here’s the link.

    The full editorial staff had a very long, involved meeting this evening, full of wonderful, horrible ideas for sexy spin-offs of our series. Let’s just say…Valentine’s day 2014 is going to be interesting.

    Sorry for all the vagueness–I guess that’s what happens when your plans are all huge and at least a little ridiculous. If we manage to pull off everything we have planned for 2014, it’s going to be an awesome year!


    Ridiculous plans are the best plans, Rebecca. I, for one, look forward to seeing the results. Especially the visual novels, because I am on a Japanese video game/storytelling kick right now and honestly? Persona 4 Golden has a finite amount of content.

    Good luck to all of you.


    NoNane, isn’t Persona 4 awesome? I love it. Of course, being an otome gamer, I’m constantly wishing for the option of 1) having a female hero, and 2) then being able to romance the male characters. Yousuke is adorable, I’m just sayin’.

    Jill (Chromatic’s resident otome game ninja)

    Joamette Gil

    The reverse: short comics for existing audio stories! C: (Also I’m gonna plant my little flag right here – it reads “girls love!”) <3

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