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What creative things does everyone do?

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    Leah Waig

    Sparkler Monthly is already bursting at the seams with art, writing, audio, etc. but I was wondering if the subscribers to Sparkler Monthly (and the staff, in any free time they might have, haha) have any creative projects/hobbies/whatever of their own.

    For instance, in my case I like writing, singing/playing ukulele, and I’m starting to dabble in drawing a bit (after years of a big “but I’m not an artist” complex).

    I’ve also coded a couple of super-short visual novels, and am in the process of brainstorming a new project in that area. ^_^

    Oh, and I knit and crochet, as well as do other crafty things. :3

    What about you guys?


    I have a dorky doll hobby! And I have been really into painting my nails lately, which is a nice stress buster too.


    I don’t really have any artistic talent or crafts. I’m a decent singer though, and a pretty good cook. I’m kind of a writer, in that I run two Dungeons & Dragons games. Collaborative storytelling is still storytelling!

    Lianne Sentar

    @caporushes – Pachi (one of our biggest Sparkler supporters) is huge into dolls! You might like her Tumblr, especially if you’re into BJD: http://princesspachi.co.vu/

    – DMing is literally one of the most creative things you can do, ha ha! Two games at once? Good lord! How many PCs do you have playing?!

    I lost most of my hobbies when I started Tokyo Demons 3 years ago (no time for much of anything else), but I was big into jewelry-making when I was a kid, so I picked it up again to do charms for some of our merch (like the keychains, or bookmark tassels: http://sparklermonthly.com/shop/bookmark/bookmarks-tokyo-demons/). It’s really simple stuff, but it’s a stress-reliever, and sometimes I buy extra supplies and turn them into necklaces and earrings for friends and family. A few of my friends are BIG-TIME crafters, so this gives us something to talk shop about. We’re almost ready to have the pieces for the Gauntlet bracelets manufactured, and I can’t wait to put those together!


    It’s been pretty busy as of late so there hasn’t been much time to do creative things although I try to prioritize time for writing since I want to line up multiple books before I retire.

    Art is like a very neglected hobby as of late as much of work is digital and I’ve not had energy to sit at the computer and paint.

    I also like photography (http://red-bird.org/photos/) and frankly update my photos a lot more on my site or on tumblr than I do with doodles.

    I also like putting together random legos and figures. Sometimes I’ll do custom toys for specific people but they’re kind of a once in a while thing since I take so long to plan them :)


    @LianneSentar I’ve got 6 to 8 players, with three or four in each game. I’ve been playing with some of them for a few years, so we’ve got this whole little universe set up with lots of in-references and history and relatives of other characters. We even have a little wiki, that we all swear we will write more content for some day!

    That is a super cute unicorn! How did you make that?


    I make custom Nintendo DS cases and sell them at conventions here in Toronto with some of my other pieces of art :)

    BMO 3DSXL Case

    For my hobbies I love drawing, cooking desserts, and collecting anime figures. Like, an ungodly amount of anime figures ^^; I wish I was home to take photos of them.

    that tokidoki custom is so cute! I’ve made a couple munny customs as gifts, and it’s really hard to do it well. You did a great job on it ^^


    @CourtneyLunn Thanks! This is the fourth I’ve done and they get increasingly more complicated :). I’ve done a few custom beanies too but I like unicorns better. Munnies… haven’t done them yet but I’ve given blank ones away to coworkers to play with.

    : This is a blank Tokidoki sold in boxes. These are bigger than the regular ones you buy blind. They give you three or four sharpies to play with but in my case, I went out and bought other sharpies from the office supply store and then used them in combination with other pens (or pencils). The rest of the stuff are random flowers or beads that I buy at a craft store and glue on.

    I don’t have anything in mind save “I want her to be sassy, or French” or something odd like that. In this case, she was a mate to a really crabby silver guy (who has been trying to break up another unicorn pair this past year) and I needed her to be different than the other three. So I made her flirty :D

    Started another picture too but making slow progress. Mostly features my OC making a derpy face as he fondles his pregnant wife’s belly. Ha! I amuse myself.


    @sgl Cool! I think I’ve seen the blind box ones at a Barnes & Noble. My girlfriend loves unicorns, so I might make her one as a gift. It won’t look nearly as good as yours, though! I like how you’ve got a whole story worked out for them. It sounds pretty dramatic!


    @Lianne yay another BJD blog to follow! I am into BJDs for sure. It’s been my main non-drawing or reading hobby since like… 2006 because I’m an old person in internet years. I have like these really vague ambitions to make a BJD myself but my artistic talents are strictly limited to 2D, so it’s just this crack fantasy I have. :B

    So many crafty people! :D Yaaay! ♥


    As for hobbies, I’m not super good at a lot of craft stuff. My sister does origami and knitting and sewing and she’s really good at it, but I never got into it–I’m mostly in the realm of visual arts. I like to draw comics and I’m working on a 2D animated short. What I really want to get into now that I know enough Zbrush is making 3D printed garage-kit sculptures of fictional-characters I love.
    I play the piano and the flute, but I haven’t practiced either in gosh-knows how long.
    Also, writing, I guess, but you guys kinda knew that already.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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