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What are you reading/watching/playing?

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    I’m reading Summer & Bird by Katherine Catmull. It’s kind of a YA fantasy mystery thing, a random pick from a public book fair. I’m only a few chapters in, but I love the writing style. It’s kind of sparse and full of mystery. The last chapter I read really made me want to write something. A small passage:

    The Puppeteer was full of dead birds.
    We call her the Puppeteer, but birds call her the Bird Eater, or the Mask. They fear her. She was a dancer and a puppeteer – not in Down, in Up, the real world, as you might think of it. She made bird puppets to use in her dances, tiny, delicate things in brilliant colors. Your eye made a trail behind them, a smear of ruby or cerulean in the air like a long tail, because you couldn’t bear to let the lovely color go.

    Video game wise I’m alternating between Smash Bros. and Bravely Default. I won’t spoil Bravely Default, but if you’ve played it, I just started Chapter 6. Let’s hope third time’s the charm…


    I hate finishing games with troll endings which is why I gave up on XIII-2 and XIII-3. :/

    Unlike with anime with trollish tendences, you put way more hours into most console games so the endings that aren’t all that resolved feel worse for some reason.

    Speaking of which Nobuhiro the Fool had a typical Kawamori troll ending that bordered on stupid. Yone’s designs though are quite pretty, I’ll give her that.

    Mushishi’s episode last week was beautiful. It was really probably one of the most beautifully structured eps I’ve seen in a long time.

    Also been checking out random stuff for no particularly good reason such as
    * (the new) Fate Stay Night (because someone commissioned art for Archer once and told me I had to see it)
    * Sailor Moon Crystal (because)
    * Yowapeda
    * Log Horizon (always more interesting than SAO for me)
    * Shirobako (because it’s about an anime studio and is done by PA Works who generally does good character drama but sometimes can go off the rails, cough, Glasslip)
    * Denki-Gai (mostly just like picking out Akihabara scenery while they talk about manga stores)
    * I Can’t Understand What my Husband is saying (5 minute comedy shorts on a woman who marries an otaku)
    * Bonjour Sweet Love Patisseries: Another five minute short series that’s prefacing an otome mobile game out sometime in the near future. (DESIGNS ARE PRETTY.)

    In all seriousness, most of these are fluffy anime or adaptations of light novel material so I’m not really sweating to keep up with any.

    Missing Nozaki and “Irregular at Magic High school though”… nothing I’ve seen so far in the comedy lane or the “light novel” lane this season matches the intensity…

    SAO: Bored by it. Maybe I’ll binge watch later.


    Anime-wise I’m keeping up with a few shows this season. Fate/stay Night is the most impressive so far. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it’s darn pretty to look at. Parasyte is creepy but it’s getting pretty suspenseful with the most recent episode. RWBY isn’t an anime, but it’s still on Crunchyroll, and for all its cliche it has some awesome action scenes.

    I also just picked up the complete series of Steins;Gate. I’m only a few episodes in, but I like it so far. “Low” science fiction isn’t that common in anime to my knowledge, so I’m enjoying it just for that. Plus I’m a big fan of the lead actor in the English dub, so it’s fun listening to him play mad scientist.


    After years of hearing about Fate/Stay Night I plunked down to watch this latest anime rendition– wow. Animation by ufotable was pretty awesome and the music was great too. I really want the soundtrack.

    I just read all I could of Oresama Teacher– the manga by the creator of Monthly Shoujo Nozaki-kun. there are a lot of similar characters but the basic premise is really catchy. Former Yankee/bancho leader ends up in a new school, has to hide her nature from others, falls in with other people who like to fight, gets involved in a weird school conspiracy — all good stuff.

    And well, there are the drawings…. SMEXY drawings…

    In all seriousness, it’s obvious the mangaka has a thing for bad buys and Nozaki-types as well as cross-dressing :)


    Has anyone else been watching Akatsuki no Yona/Yona of the Dawn? It’s ultra-good if you’re into that slow-burn, epic 90s shojo stuff (which I am so ridiculously into, personally). I’m not caught up because I keep trying to watch it when the Crunchyroll servers are on overload so it buffers every 15 seconds, but I might need to rectify that soon. Maybe if I do well on this midterm as a reward. @_@


    I’ve been watching Yona! :-D I actually edited NG Life, a really terrific little series from the same creator, as one of the final things I did at TOKYOPOP, and I’ve been a fan of hers ever since, so I was super excited to see that this was getting an adaptation. And I’m really enjoying it! I feel like it starts off a little slow (well, maybe not “slow,” since you get an assassination and major political upheaval in the first episode…but it takes a while to really hit its stride), but it’s got great production values, and it totally captures the author’s quirky sense of humor and interesting characterizations. :-) She uses a lot of shojo tropes and things we’re all familiar with as readers, but adds just enough of a spin on them to make them interesting. I dig it!


    Yona of the Dawn is on my watch list! I’m bad about keeping up with stuff, so I usually wait until the season is over and watch stuff in big chunks. But I like shojo, and I’ve heard it’s got some good character growth.

    Caporushes, I’ve got some Crunchyroll guest pass things just sitting around it if helps any!


    Oh no no, I pay for Crunchyroll, it’s a technical issue with the stream. :3


    Ah, okay! I hope you don’t have any problems in the future!

    I just started watching Fated to Love You, a new K-drama on Netflix. I’m only on the first episode, but I high recommend it. Finally, a K-drama with a good sense of humor!


    Fated to Love You is on Netflix?! There goes my life. And I just crawled out of the hole of I Hear Your Voice… Damn you, KDrama! >:O


    I just finished up The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon. Super intense ending. Definitely better than the first book, but it won’t make a lick of sense if you haven’t read it, so start there. Dystopia’s big right now, but it’s very well done and has good world building with an interesting supernatural bent to it.


    Oooh that sounds like a fun setup, I’m adding it to my to-read shelf for sure. 8D I like dystopias that don’t have the like dystopian sorting hat situation going on (lookin’ at you, Divergent). The summary sounds like it avoids that trope?? I don’t hate it, but I’m happier when it’s not present.

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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