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User introductions!

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    Hello! My name is NoNane and I’m a Computer Engineering student in Colorado, though until very recently I’ve been a resident of the state of Alaska. I found out about Sparkler through Tokyo Demons, where I’ve been active for around a year and a half now. I’ve also written fanfiction for Tokyo Demons, which can (somehow) be found over on the original Tokyo Demons website’s Fandom page. On the more professional side, I’ve been programming for over two years and have been mildly obsessed with computers for far longer than that. Unsurprisingly, you will probably find me lurking around in the Bugs area when things on the website go wrong.

    Though I’ve been following Tokyo Demons for a year and a half, I’m currently really excited about Awake, and I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy joyride Tory’s gearing us up for.


    (Just realised that I’ve been lurking around the forums and never actually posted my introduction! Whoops!)

    Hi, my name’s Susan and I’m a part-time-student, part-time-library-assistant, part-time-writer from the UK! I found out about Sparkler Monthly through Manga Bookshelf’s excitement over Off*Beat coming back. :) My favourite thing so far has been Tokyo Demons – I’ve just bought the hardcopy, even though the postage prices are… Interesting! I really love what Chromatic Press are doing here, both in the work that’s been produced and the idea behind it (Stories written for the female gaze! Not restricted by genre! LGBTQA content done well!) and really admire the people involved.


    Spindizzy, I’ve done that on forums before! XD That was one reason I started this thread. :P I love what they’ve produced so far too and where they want to go with it all. I’m gonna keep submitting stuff to them. :D

    NoNane, how is your screen name pronounced? When I first saw it I thought it was “No Name” XD That’s super cool you’re a programer! :D How did you first find out about Tokyo Demons? I found out about Tokyo Demons through Sparkler Monthly.


    Nelia, my screen name is pronounced “nonane”. It is both a play on “no name” and the actual name of the ninth molecule in the alkane series, which is funny considering that I actually cheered aloud when I discovered that I was in the only engineering major that didn’t have to take Chemistry. I don’t remember how I discovered Tokyo Demons initially, which means I probably clicked an ad on a webcomic. To be fair, the ads for TD are really good. I read for a while, then ended up on the forums, and then ended up on here when they got Sparkler up and running back in August.

    While programming is my passion, I (to my extreme shame) am horrible at actual web design, so Jordan and Lissa, if you do ever read this, I apologize for any extra headaches I may have caused you, and your work is awesome, keep it up!


    That explains your avatar! :D C9H20 I had to look it up! I also had to ask because I was pronouncing it “No Nah Neh” in my head. :P I loved chemistry in High School but didn’t take it in college because by then I had decided I would work in comics and realized I was kinda scared of caustic chemicals. Heh.

    My screen name is “alien” spelled backwards. It’s something I came up with years and years ago that I stuck with. :P

    Web design is hard. I’m rubbish at it myself and design in general. I try to design stuff and suddenly feel like all I’m doing is banging rocks together. XD

    Rebecca Scoble

    Ha, I never realized Neila was Alien spelled backwards! Cool!


    Ditto Spindizzy ^^

    My name is Tacto and I am currently transitioning from clinical neurology research work to becoming a freelance comics creator. I found about Chromatic through artist and editor friends whom I had met back in Tokyopop days – when I was lucky enough to win the last Rising Stars of Manga competition in sci-fi category. After Tokyopop folding the outlets for original work shrunk considerably, so seeing Chromatic Press emerge with their fearless approach of original content and female gaze orientation I was beyond excited – and the quality of work here just keeps inspiring me every week. Can’t wait to see Sparkler grow more and more.


    I dunno if I should introduce myself since I’m Chromatic staff, but I think I’m the most mysterious (sounds cooler than least-known, doncha think?) I’m Jill, and I’m a shoujo fan from WAY back and am now a total otome game geek. I’m constantly amazed at the talent and enthusiasm that we see in our submissions, since I’m not creative at all, and I’m really happy to be part of Sparkler – I can’t pick a favourite story because whenever a new chapter of anything comes out I fall in love with it! Our creators are awesome!

    A M. Funk

    I’m Alison (though I’ve been going by my initials “A.M.” for a bit now) and I too am a shojo and josei lover. I work seasonally and am currently in my off season and back at home in the great state of West Virginia. I do comics, writing and crafting in my downtime, and I’m fairly certain the first time I heard about Sparkler it was on Twitter and something along the lines of “look, somewhere to submit female-focused stories.” The response from my fellow Twitizens was a resounding “YES! MORE! MORE! MORE!”

    I’m terrible at keeping up with update schedules and don’t have much free time in the summer, so what I’m most looking forward from Sparkler are the ebook releases so I can enjoy the stories when and where ever I like. =)


    Wooo. Finally trying out “sub” mode. I’m SGL/s-girl and I blog about web novels and such (online-novel.com) so have been following Tokyo Demons since its early run on Lianne’s own site. I write web novel stuff too (low/high-fantasy based on fairy tales) and have been doing it for a few years… so know that it’s HELLA difficult for the authors here to bring content to you all.

    I’m behind on Sparkler Monthly content. I remember looking at all the inaugural stuff but got kind of behind with other things at work, travel, cons, etc. Hoping to catch up a bit this month , particularly on Awake.


    Of course you should introduce yourself if you’re staff, lijakaca! :D It’s great to see the Chromatic Staff is so invested in their creators! :D

    Welcome A.M. Funk and Sgl! :D It’s cool to be able to sit down and read stuff in full, but I’m also a fan of reading it as it’s produced. :P It’s great to see so many writers are here on the forum! :D Goodluck catching up! There’s quite a bit to read/listen to! :D


    Hello everyone! <3

    My names Crystal Jayme, but everyone knows me as Scotty. I’m 22, I live in the warm cozy city El Paso, Tx. And I draw comics. Too many comics TuT

    I currently have 3 ongoing webcomics, Technicolor London, Nigh Heaven & Hell, and Freakshow. I also did the art for Beyond Beauty <3

    I found out about Chromatic Press thru Off Beat’s announcement of Vol.3 and your open submissions call. (I’m totally reworking that old pitch, beating it into something better hopefully XD)

    It’s nice to meet all of you awesome people! TwT

    Leah Waig

    Hello peeps! :D I’m Leah, the audio intern. I’ve been helping out with Awake and Tokyo Demons since March. ^_^ I’ve been following along with Sparkler Monthly since I heard about it being launched via the Tokyo Demons site and now I help out behind-the-scenes. *o* It is glorious.

    Let’s see, what else. Well, I like music (listening, singing, learning guitar), otome games, anime, writing (poetry, songs, fiction), and crafty stuff like crochet. :) Also overusing emotes. :P

    When not editing audio and emote-spamming, I work as a virtual assistant (formatting/scheduling newsletters, blog posts, social media and other stuff people want to pay me to do in exchange for freeing up their time).

    I also really like karaoke. o__o And would like to get into wearing lolita fashion later when my budget allows.

    I… don’t know what else to write. XD Nice to meet you all! *waves*


    :3 Goblinmaiden: Is that Okita Souji in your avatar? Nothing further needs to be said. I’m a Meiji era otaku.


    Sup im Amy and I like manga comics cartoons and anime

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