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Tokyo Demons Book 2: Chapter 7 discussion

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    Lianne Sentar

    This is the thread for discussion of Tokyo Demons Book 2, Chapter 7, which started in Issue #006 of Sparkler Monthly. Spoilers up to and including this point are expected, so beware!

    Rules of the forum are here. Only registered users on the Sparkler site can comment–which includes you if you have a paid subscription and are logged in–but newbies and casuals can sign up for a free registration now at http://sparklermonthly.com/membership-levels/


    Gah! I was totally expecting the chapter last night, damnit time differences! Oh well. I can’t wait to see the chapter released tonight guys! The series has really ramped up some action since chapter 6 started. Holy hell fire Kadoyuki is stepping it up! Also caught up on the bonus stories from the TD website. ;)

    FINALLY, Sachi you sly dog you. I loved that little interruption with how the ‘body’ can’t handle it. Haha. Ayase definitely seems to have dived off the deep end here, unintentionally getting herself more into the mood sitting beside Kiyoshi. >.< Thinking about those things was meant to help you? :p Oh but man that whole Touya situation was creepy! My sympathies in part to the fact that he probably had been hooked to pitch since he was a kid. I mean if three years of pitch did that to Wipe, then Touya would have to struggle a lot. I mean it isn’t as bad what with the lack of a significant neural mutation but still, if Kiyoshi’s ‘darkness’ is anything to indicate what it is like.

    Oh man, what is going to happen to Sachi and Jo now though? I mean they are technically safe inside a prison cell right? The body guards don’t have to save them if they are already technically safe. . . But I guess Zayd could order them again like he did with Nakajima in the clinic. He did stipulate to them that he could give them direct orders so, eh, it isn’t too far a stretch of an order I suppose, especially with unit 7 appearing as a police officer. Still curious about unit 6 though. . .

    Good luck with the future chapters Lianne! Oh and also congratulations on how well the site has taken off. You have a fair bit of content starting to flow in and I am sure with the coming months you will have even more stories flowing into the network. Keep up the good work writers! We love you all! You too Rebecca, your audio work is the tops! Awake is just simply amazing.


    Oh.My.F..G…!! O__O This chapter..! I didn’t see Ochi’s power coming at all.. But Touya… grows more and more ominous by the second.. So much suspense, how are we supposed to wait till next part now, Lianne???!!!!! XD;;;;;

    Lianne Sentar

    Doreibo, I’m so happy to see you at Sparkler! XD I noticed your posts popping up last night, and I can’t wait to go through them all. The new chapter’s up now, and I think it went up, like, 30 seconds after your post. *lol* Glad you’ve been enjoying Sachi getting some action and the boner jokes. Also, PLOT STUFF I GUESS. :) Those bodyguards are hard to control, which may…come up soon, heh. Glad you like Sparkler! It’s really been coming along~. Becca and our writers, artists, and editors are totally nailing the other serials. I’m so proud of everyone. <3

    Tacto, Ochi and Nakajima are so freaking tight-lipped that I don't think ANYONE guessed his power. But if I'm not mistaken, you guess that "Mother" was Touya all along, right? And I think Doreibo did, too! (And Doreibo figured out Touya could see the future a looooooong time ago, based on puzzling through the Prologues of Book 1 & 2.) You guys are good at this. <3

    Tokyo Demons has another important chapter next month - the climax of Book 2, and rem's doing the cover for Sparkler~. And then the end will come out in March or April. Almost there at last! This book is over 110K words by now. O.o


    Hehe it is good to be back in the loop. I had my suspicions about ‘mother’ but I don’t think I had made that final link to Touya, though hindsight does reveal a lot. :p Everything is always a puzzle, even the viewpoints of our characters, and what they remember, or in this chapter, what they don’t. Kadoyuki, so desperate and little. He really screwed himself over this time. I suppose when you are hooked on pitch for as long as Touya would have been, it screws you over, if not mentally then physically.

    When I heard that Ochi’s mother was a dream reader I wondered what Ochi’s power was but reading that no psychics get the same ability in the blood line I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that it would have to be immense to cause him to go to the depths he does. Kadoyuki admittedly seems like he is worse off than Ochi, but that may be because he has to deal with what goes on in the present.

    I wonder, can Touya see his own demise, and is what he sees flexible, or set in stone? So he cannot see the things that happen in the past? Maybe that is why he couldn’t tell if Shouri was alive, until Kadoyuki told him. . . I am assuming Kadoyuki was lying when he said he wasn’t talking about Shouri. That does explain why he was so frustrated at hearing her die. Not because he wanted to mate with her, but because if Nick couldn’t save her, some one with a lesser dosage of Pitch in her, then he couldn’t save Touya, who had a lot more in him. With the revelation that Touya is dying and needs to be weened off Pitch to survive we see a more desperate side to him. I’m still a little confused, he can see the future, but if it is not due to his Malum trait and in fact due to a supernatural trait, then he would be suffering as much as Wipe has due to a reconfiguration of his brain. I guess his Malum trait is what is allowing him to stay ‘sane’.

    Could it be that Kadoyuki and Touya are related? If what Kadoyuki said about his family was true, that they live as a psychic blood line in a compound. Then inbreeding would be part of the problem, as Daniel mentioned in prior chapters. But that aside, if Touya’s ability is supernatural then he must have come from a bloodline. Perhaps being Malum is what got him thrown out and left him open to be adopted by Zero. Unless the combination of the two was an intentional trait. Would it be more or less likely that the bastard child Kado’s mother had when they eloped was Touya, and Kadoyuki was the result of a coupling on her return? Far cry there, but just throwing out possibilities. I do wonder if the Father was any one significant. . . Still, if Touya is both Super human and Super natural then he would cop a lot from both sides. Especially as a psychic.

    I wonder who it was in Kado’s past that he trusted, and that hurt him. . . How many, and of what import. . . It isn’t too late to save every one. . . Is it too late for Kadoyuki? With Wipe’s new power he seems to have ranked up in danger and usefulness. He is such a loose canon though.

    Lianne Sentar

    Ah, Doreibo’s beautiful breakdowns~.

    A lot of what you brought up are big unknowns right now, but will definitely come up (including details on how Touya’s power works, which is coming up next month, via Kado). Both Touya and Kado have complicated pasts, including their past together…and unlike, say, Ayase and Sachi, they’ve been more “aware” of their powers and “power communities” (like Kado’s relationship with his family of semi-inbred psychics) for a while.

    Kadoyuki, so desperate and little. He really screwed himself over this time.

    That kid’s been having a terrible, parallel adventure with Touya in the background since Book 1. And…yeah. He’s in big trouble now. I know there are a lot of Kado fans out there, so I don’t know how they’re going to react to the news that he’s a traitor. :(

    Kadoyuki admittedly seems like he is worse off than Ochi, but that may be because he has to deal with what goes on in the present.

    Kado’s problems run deeper than just him dealing with his power(s), but Ochi’s been suicidal for a while. They just translate their misery differently. Being a psychic really, really blows sometimes…Sachi’s the exception, not the rule.

    I’m still a little confused, he can see the future, but if it is not due to his Malum trait and in fact due to a supernatural trait, then he would be suffering as much as Wipe has due to a reconfiguration of his brain. I guess his Malum trait is what is allowing him to stay ‘sane’.

    You’re on to something there! Still, you’re assuming Touya’s sane. :)

    Could it be that Kadoyuki and Touya are related?



    Ahh. Ahhhhh… AHHHHHHRGGG!!!!!!! The second part of chapter 7…. I am having ulcer pains!! Lianne!! How much can you torture those poor kids (and us)?!! I want to jump on the pages and beat Touya to a pulp and protect the rest… >___< (yes, yes, I know, Touya probably went through hell himself, but right now I have trouble caring..) And Sachi… SACHI..!!! You better be safe or.. or.. there will be retaliation!!! TT__TT;;;


    I know! I hate cliffhangers! OMG, WTFBBQ!?!?! All these cliffhangers this issue! I thought this was supposed to be the romance issue. Where’s the love?

    Lianne Sentar

    @Tacto – This is definitely the darkest arc in the series. :( And Touya has a past and his own problems, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he’s a monster. Hate away! A lot of Book 3 is about him, since – as we tried to show in the Prologue of Book 1 – Touya is sorta the third lead next to Ayase and Jo. Dude is fuuuuuuuucked up.

    @Najela – We tried to have more love/sex in this issue, but all our stories are so freaking dark that it was almost immediately followed by horrible. *lol* Where’s the love? SLOPPILY CRYING IN THE CORNER.

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