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Thoughts on the Monthly Prompt Challenge changing to Prose from art

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    Hey everyone! How you doing? Me? I’ve been better, but I’m not as bad as I was a couple months ago.
    What was wrong? WELL…I gave myself Tennis Elbow from comics work.
    Ridiculous right? I KNOW!

    BUT It got me to thinking (and writing more with my other hand) about how to continue the Monthly Prompt Challenge on here without over stressing my drawing hand.

    There had been people asking about doing a prose writing challenge along side the Art Prompt Challenge. Why not open the Prompt Challenge to writing too? It would be a great exercise and allow for more variety in entries! :D

    You always have posted wonderful entries and I don’t want you guys to lose out because I got injured!

    Let me know what y’all’s thoughts on this matter are and I will work to figure out a way to get these going again in a way that they will be better than they were before!

    My personal thoughts/concerns: There might be some murkiness with opening the Prompt Challenge to fanfiction, so it may have to be restricted to original fiction that follows a prompt rather than stories that have Sparkler characters in them. I’m not sure though!


    Rebecca Scoble

    Oh man, take care of yourself, Neila! As someone with a big history of repetitive stress injuries, I know how miserable it is dealing with pain every time you want to work on your art. So keeping yourself as pain-free as possible is the most important thing! I hope things improve for you soon.

    I like the idea of a writing contest, though I think restricting the word count to 500 or 1000 words is important–both to make it possible to judge entries fairly easily, and to level the playing field between really fast writers and people who construct their stories more slowly. Also, I think flash fiction is really fun–I love to see how people set up a scene and characters in such short stories. They can be such good idea generators for longer works, too :D

    I also think, any rights issues aside, it’s more fun to do this kind of contest with original characters than fanfiction. It’s a little weird to judge original fiction and fanfiction against each other (especially with a short prompt, since fanfic doesn’t need to establish characters the way original fic does), and I think if you have to choose one original fiction is the way to go.

    Anyway, go ahead and announce a writing prompt. I assume you were planning to do it for the month of August? That’s fine with us.


    Writing would be awesome. I can’t draw at all, so I was standing by the sidelines watching all the artists and their amazing artwork. A flash fiction contest with original characters and a prompt or a theme sounds pretty fun. Especially if it’s before submissions open up again, like Rebecca said, it could help generate some ideas for longer works.


    My writing is not so strong, so I know how author’s feel about it just being art.
    I would like this, it gives us a chance to see everyone’s work.
    Just… don’t do away with the art part of it too.
    Makes me feel left out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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