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The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1

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    Lianne Sentar

    This is the thread for discussion of The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1, released in Issue #019 of Sparkler Monthly (in two parts). Spoilers up to and including this point are expected, so beware!

    You no longer need to be a Free Member to post; anyone can comment below. Rules of the forum are here.

    Have fun!


    oooh gosh, I LOVE Sebastien’s voice through Mikaki, haha.
    I can’t wait to hear part 2 ^^


    This is CRAZY precious, I am SO INTO THIS! I can’t wait for the second part?! Misaki is a precious treasure, I can’t wait to hear moooore. Oh my gosh. I like the way psychic powers are portrayed so far, the kind of like vague emotion-sensing is cool! It works well in an audio context, I think?

    Also, this is a dorky thing to like, but I think the music cues are really fun and great. Uwaah yay! I’m 2/2 for audio dramas I’ve listened to on Sparkler– I think you’ve made an audio fan out of me!


    Aww… Loved part 1 and can’t wait for part 2!!! >_< I totally relate to Misaki!! Sebastian’s ADORABLE!! Makes me wish I was home with my cat.

    Lianne Sentar

    We’re glad you like this little taste! The rest of the chapter (which is over 20 minutes) comes out in 4 days, on Monday; we had so many technical problems during our no-grid fiasco this week that we decided to split the chapter and just release what was still okay. Releasing it all in one chunk was too big, anyway – Chapter 1 is huge!

    Sebastian is voiced by our CFO (Jill)’s very vocal cat Sulis. All his crazy purring came from Rebecca’s cat Oliver. HR wasn’t sure what to do with those paychecks.


    Squee! ♥

    Everything is so adorable! I’m already loving this story =^__^=

    I fell in love with the art for this series at first sight! The colors!.. they make me all warm and fuzzy =^_^= Bravo, Aiwa!
    And I adore Misaki’s character design! ♥
    Can’t wait to see an illustration of Aina! I think she instantly became my favorite character!
    But Misaki and Sebastian also are super likeable :)

    And I also loved the music =^__^=

    Rebecca Scoble

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying Cat Lover’s Circumstances so far!

    I could gush for a long time about how great LAMP and Aiwa and Tara and Elissa and Leah are (just to name the people whose talents you’ve heard and seen in part 1)–so far, this project’s been great to work on, and I’m so happy with our team. I can’t wait for you guys to hear part two and members 3 and 4 of our main voice cast!

    Actually getting the cat sounds for CLC was pretty funny–Sulis is the loudest cat ever, especially when she thinks there’s a possibility of getting fed, so I asked Jill to prepare her breakfast veeery slooowly and set up my mic a couple feet away. Got about 30 usable meows and cat sounds out of it.

    And Capo–as the editor/composer I’m going to say that there’s nothing dorky about liking the musical cues. I’m super glad you liked the musical cues! Between that and five-pm’s compliment on the music, I’m blushing pretty hard here :D


    I had this urge to draw CLC fan art… I did not resist it ^_^

    On Tumblr!

    Rebecca Scoble

    AAAAAH This is the greatest! Thank you so much, five-pm!


    *beams* =^___^=


    This drama is cat tested, cat approved. Or at least she didn’t go anywhere while it was playing…

    (I am 100% not sorry if this turns into a cat picture thread)

    Rebecca Scoble

    Corinthian–Your cat looks just like my cat (and audio drama star) Oliver! Who also seemed super interested in this audio drama–or at least in disrupting my work on it by jumping up on my desk and planting his butt right on the keyboard.

    I 100% approve of any cat pictures people want to post on here.


    OMG I love this so far! The production is great guys and the story is fun. I cheated and read ahead ^-^;

    Rose and Bear <3

    Rebecca Scoble

    wonder1440–your cats are so FLUFFY! And their expressions are so INTENSE! So cute!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the drama so far :D


    People, your cats awesome ! *___*

    I loved the rest of Chapter 1! :) ♥
    I’m convinced that Aina is actually crushing on Misaki.
    Also, I think Nishida said that “Misaki is nothing to him” to protect her from Ayukawa.
    Oh, and Ayukawa is so scary! *__* I really like her!

    “Oh, God” seems to be Misaki’s catchphrase :D I hope to hear her say that many times more ^_^
    And the cliffhanger ending! *__* Looking forward to the next installment!

    Please, please, tell us who is the voice of the announcer in t he fantasy-sequence-game?
    And who’s voicing the character that’s cravingnicotinecravingnicotinecravingnicotine?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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