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Retail Catalog–looking for leads on stores, libraries, etc.

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    Rebecca Scoble

    Hey guys! We just launched our retail catalog. We’re trying to sell our books to indie bookstores, comic shops, anime and manga sellers, and other independent geeky stores.

    We’re also trying to get them into libraries, schools, and other places that have collections of comics for people to borrow or otherwise use them for educational-ish purposes–-book, comic, or anime clubs, counseling centers, etc.

    What we’d like from you guys is any leads you might have for places that might want to get our catalog and order from us. Their name and location would be great, or a link to their website.

    And if you happen to know someone at those stores, feel free to give them the retail email address – retail@chromaticpress.com.

    Thanks, guys!


    Can’t remember if I already mentioned this to lianne but have you guys reached out to the American Library Association? They have a yearly conference and invite small press/comics down to their exhibit hall. I believe the ALA is in June this year and in San Fran (so you have a Westie out there, IIRC).

    Last year’s info.

    Not sure if you have to apply and explain sort of the relevance but I think the light novel/manga discussion would be interesting to push forward. It would be good to hear why you thought it would work with an audience here (less-inclined to read) and what you’ve learned via digitalization.

    Plus you have books and a number of published authors already working with you…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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