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Retail Catalog leads

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    Rebecca Scoble

    Hey guys! We just launched our retail catalog. We’re trying to sell our books to indie bookstores, comic shops, anime and manga sellers, and other independent geeky stores.

    We’re also trying to get them into libraries, schools, and other places that have collections of comics for people to borrow or otherwise use them for educational purposes–book, comic, or anime clubs, counseling centers, etc.

    What we’d like from you guys is any leads you might have for places that might want to get our catalog and order from us. Their name and location would be great, or a link to their website.

    And if you happen to know someone at those stores, feel free to give them the retail email address – retail@chromaticpress.com – or pass on their email address to me if they’re ok with that.

    I’m going to post about this on the regular forums, too, since we want as many ideas as possible, so feel free to post in either place.

    Thanks, guys!


    I think I already linked you guys to Danger Room here in Olympia, but I might have forgotten about Olympic Cards and Comics? They’re actually one of the biggest shops around and the owner is a cool lady, she might be interested!


    They’re only the next town over from here, ahaha… Our libraries would probably be interested as well! Most of the people I know in our library system are youth librarians (I do events for them sometimes, teach kids drawing stuff, etc), which I know skews a little younger than Sparkler, but still! http://www.trl.org <— it’s a pretty big library system!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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