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Question about Themes in writing

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    Hey, I was wondering about what sort of themes Chromatic is looking for, as well as what people here are interested in writing/reading! :D

    Personally I’d like to do something with an asexual main character (Ace) and possibly a romance. Particularly because there are so few Ace characters in things that most people don’t even know what an Ace is! Many of my characters are Aces, like Saraswati from my story submission a few months ago.

    Would an Ace romance interest anyone to read? What do you guys on the forum and folks from Chromatic want to read, personally?

    I hope people can share their thoughts on this here in this thread! :D I wasn’t sure where to put it since it is a question to Chromatic as well as the general forum going folks.



    An ace romance would be interesting, though I have to admit in the spirit of honesty it’s not something I think I’d ever deliberately seek out. Still something I’d like to see, though, if that makes sense! (nope haha)

    I want.. more… romantic comedies… Okay so those are just my favorite thing, like, on the planet and I definitely want like 9000 more of them. Which is funny because I don’t tend to write a lot of goofy stuff, ESPECIALLY romantic comedies– but I’ve been going out of my way to let myself write that kind of thing lately, so.

    And things set in space! (I’m really reaching here.) Female gaze space operas, yes please.

    Lianne Sentar

    Our launch lineup was pretty dark, I admit. *lol* We have more comedies/romances/light stuff on the roster for 2014. Along with more DARK STUFF, because we can’t resist. <3

    An asexual love story sounds really interesting, Neila. We've definitely seen some asexual characters in the pitches so far, and I'd like to see more. I want characters with all kinds of identities, all kinds of relationships...just everything.

    Female gaze space operas, yes please.

    Awake doesn’t count? *lol* It’s more of a bottle drama, admittedly, with all the claustrophobia.

    I remember seeing at least one epic space opera come through the submissions pipeline, so you’re not alone in wanting this!


    I have an epic space opera (with ace characters) but it’s been on my back burner for a while since I’ve had to find more paying work. Paragon Ketch is set to be quite long, and visual, but I was thinking of doing some short snippets as prose. Every character has mountains of backstory that I really want to visit. XD It also gets quite dark in places lol

    Would there be any room for a light, chibi, omake style comic? Would anyone want to read something cute and light hearted? Have there been any submissions like that?

    I know Sharkpony is a comedy but it’s kind of a dark messed up one lol so I don’t count that as “light hearted.” lol


    I’d like to read a good, old fashioned epic or happy-go-lucky adventure with traits like a variety of lands and peoples, fantastical creatures, creative powers, long journeys and quests, and copious sword fights.

    Lianne Sentar

    We’re in final negotiations with a few series for the spring that might scratch that itch, Serene. :) Really fun, explosive stuff for when the weather turns warm again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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