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Off*Beat Chapters 1-12 (Vol 1-2) discussion

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    Lianne Sentar

    The first two volumes of Off*Beat (Chapters 1-12) were originally published by TOKYOPOP years ago, and the Chromatic Press/Sparkler re-release are now available as paperbacks (Vol 1, Vol 2) and ebooks (Vol 1, Vol 2). The first copies were sold through a successful Kickstarter.

    Now, at long last, Volume 3 will begin with Chapter 13 in Sparkler Monthly Issue #1 (July 2013). Until then, this is a great place to discuss why you fell in love with the series in the first place–or why, as a new fan, you’re SO LUCKY that you barely have to wait for the continuation. :)

    A M. Funk

    A sort of funny Off*Beat memory for you all:

    To this day, whenever someone brings up a discussion about company promotion versus “word of mouth” promotion, I always side with word of mouth and cite Off*Beat as my prime example of why.

    I can vividly remember one of the pull quotes for the series used on the official advertisements being “Everything FAKE gets wrong about New York, Off*Beat gets right.” Now, the reason I remember that quote is because it made me think, “Wow, if that’s the only thing this series has going for it…” And for a long time, I overlooked the story because of that quote. But! Once I finally started listening to the word of mouth about it? It didn’t sound half bad. In fact, it sounded quite good. And when I finally caved and got the first volume? Oh my gosh–it was right up my alley. It was like reading something I would have written for myself.

    Now whenever I find a little gem–be it a comic, a movie, a tv show, whatever–that I had overlooked because the initial official promotion didn’t make it sound like anything I’d be interested in, I say to myself, “Everything FAKE gets wrong about New York, Off*Beat gets right.” It’s become my short hand for, “Trust your friends and not the pull quotes.”


    LOOOOL! Uh. I totally wrote that pull quote back in the day. :-) It made sense to me!! I mean, there are so many things I love about Off*Beat, but how Jen handles the setting is a really big one, and since FAKE was popular at time, I thought it made a good contrast, including hinting at some of the BL elements in each series.

    But yeah, you’re definitely not the only person who thought that line was an undersell… Oh well. Live and learn.

    Gene Wirchenko

    I am enjoying _Offbeat_. Good characters. I like Mandy; I think you have her uncertainty nailed.

    I am puzzled by street references. I can not find many of them with Google Maps. For example, the latest I have encountered is 68th and Fresh Pond which do not seem to intersect. Is it me, Google Maps, or are you using Author’s Fiat to rearrange the world a bit?


    OMFG Chapter 9 pg. 236, Colin is going to find Tory’s journal(s). This is not good, this is not good…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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