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Off*Beat contest!

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    Rebecca Scoble

    In honor of the upcoming finale of Off*Beat, we’re running an Off*Beat contest!

    To enter, answer the following questions and send them in an email to contests@chromaticpress.com. The person with the most correct answers will win a 13 month subscription to Sparkler, and two runner-ups will receive a one month subscription. (If you’re already a subscriber, we can add your prize to your current account).

    The contest ends on April 30th, which is the date the final chapter of Off*Beat comes out!
    Here are the questions:

    1) On his first day at St. Peter’s, Tory saw Colin arrive at school at the corner of what two streets?

    2) What time does Tory catch the subway every morning?

    3) What school library rule does Tory break?

    4) What condiment does Tory hate on his sandwich?

    5) How did Tory label his first notebook?

    6) 20 days before Colin came back to his apartment, what special moment did he share with Tory?

    7) Name two arcade games Tory and Colin did not play.

    8) What part of Queens do Tory and Colin live in?

    9) How many cats does Colin have?

    10) Colin’s attendance is below what percentage?

    11) What game does Paul try to distract Tory with?

    12) What excuse does Tory give to look at the 2nd floor of Colin’s place?

    13) How many plants does Colin have?

    14) What does Tory have to miss because he’s going to his mom’s company party?

    Tricky, right? Many thanks to Off*Beat superfan wonder1440 for coming up with the questions and sponsoring the whole thing!


    Congrats to Petrograd, Christian B., and Marina S. for winning the contest!!


    Gaaaaaaah! I can’t believe it! Man I was sure that I had got a lot of those questions wrong. I had to go back and recheck things and I reread the book twice to get all the answers. D’:< So much work, but so worth it. Thank you guys so much! Can’t wait to see the results.
    Congrats to Petro and Merina as well!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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