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Off*Beat Chapter 18, part 2 discussion

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    This is the thread for discussion of Off*Beat Chapter 18 part 2 (and the FINALE!!!) released in Issue #009 of Sparkler Monthly.

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    I cried… a lot… and I’m confused LOL. But I really cried a lot and kinda still am.


    It. Was. Awesome.
    Truly beautiful.
    *happy sigh*
    I loved it.

    “The End…?”
    Will most likely have more things to say once I take some time to take it all in and properly appreciate everything, but right now – having just read The Conclusion and Epilogue – there is something I want to share immediately.
    I must confess I have been dreading the ending. While I was only really hyped and super-excited about the beginning of Volume 3, about Off*Beat continuing, Off*Beat concluding was something I could not think about without trepidation. Not only because the ending is such a crucial part of a story that some would even say defines it, not only because of worrying what will happen to the characters… but also just because it was going to end, period. You would think all this months (since the continuation) would be enough time to come to terms with this fact, but after all those years (since the beginning) of caring about this manga… Just thinking – ‘Whatever is going to happen will happen and it will be it. The end. The story concluded, the fate of the characters sealed’ – is it not the scariest thing?
    So now that the end is finally here I am really really glad – indescribably so – that it is an open ending. Something I was secretly hoping for all this years and yet did not dare to-… (This is the paradoxical wish for the beloved story to reach a satisfying conclusion, to end and yet not to really end at the same time come true.) And I think it is the best thing that could have happened to the story!.. And, and!..

    And I got a little carried away here. But, yes. What I wanted to say is: I loved that it`s an open ending. I am infinitely grateful for that fact. I think that it fits the story perfectly.

    Now that Off*Beat is finally concluded, I can say that it is my favorite manga/comic. Something I have not been able to honestly proclaim before knowing how it ends. Because I do believe that the ending (at least, in part, in a really important part) defines the story. And Off*Beat was always (since discovering it in 2008) one of my favorites, but anything could have happened before the end, at the end, in the end – and I feared there would be something that would not feel right, or something missing without which the whole would not feel right, and I wouldn’t be able to love the story as a whole because of it. But now that it is concluded, it is whole and in such a way that works perfectly for me. And so, Off*Beat is my *most* favorite manga.

    And I am incredibly happy.
    Love, always.

    Leslie Kirby

    *cries so much omg* My precious babies! I have so many feels I can’t even words right now. I’m just so haaappy… *cries more*


    I don’t think I could have put it any better… I totally felt the same way about the upcoming end (so much so I stayed home today to wait for it LOL). It is a pretty open ending… with Colin dropping hints and telling Tory not to get “bored” and leaving the little packet with the name of the company who is working with him.

    I do have one thing that bothers me and it hit me pretty hard. I think Colin has discovered what “love” is, or at least what “like” is with another human. I felt, at the end, that he was a slave to this project, a prisoner who had no choice at this point to go along with it even when he seemed conflicted about where his true feelings are. It was if the clues he left Tory were cries for help. Maybe I’m reading too much into this (me? never!!! LOL), but I was hoping we would find out that Garrets had good intentions or that Colin found the project rewarding but it seems like Colin is participating and going with Garrets not because he wants to but because he doesn’t know anything else. Some of that was relieved with Tory going to work with the company Colin works for, but even though Tory brings comfort, Colin is still a lab rat. I hope he’s able to find love.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was afraid of the ending though! Maybe I am normal? I love these characters so much <3 <3 that their stories still live on for me, outside the context of the “Off*beat” story that, in the end is just one part of many chapters in their lives. There’s SO many roads to choose in prequels and sequels, Jen has made something so special… it’s like we’ve seen a mere fraction of their lives and the possibilities are what makes this so great!


    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Chromatic Press staff for enabling me to finish this project. It sure has been a journey!

    and of course I am extremely humbled and grateful to all the readers who followed this story.
    I sincerely hope you found it worthwhile and enjoyable.


    I’ve read this chapter 20+ times now LOL. Maybe I was too harsh about the Colin/lab rat thing, maybe Colin is excited to complete this work and wants Tory to just be there with him (the other side of the hints). Sometimes you can’t directly spill the beans but you can lead someone to where the can is!

    Once I have hard copies of all three volumes it will be nice to go and read it end to end :)

    Lianne Sentar

    This thread is amazing. I love wonder1440 expressing herself so much. <3

    - What a beautiful message. And where did you get that adorable picture of Colin for your icon?! O.O

    Happy to see you here, Jen. :) It goes without saying, but GREAT JOB. You pretty much killed us with feelings.


    I did have one question… now that we are at the end, I didn’t recall seeing where fans were drawn into Vol 3? I’ve kinda been on the lookout for it. Did I miss it or is it coming in the hard copy?

    <3 Lianne :) I don’t think I can tell you what Off*beat means and how the fandom has gotten me through some tough times over the last 8 (!!) years.


    I loved it! I love the ambiguity at the end and Tory’s ever-present persistence that got him where he needed to be ;D It was a long ride for those who’ve been with Off*Beat since the beginning, and, of course, a long ride for Tory too ;D

    Part of me is complacent with how it ended, but the other part is like “MAKE THE SEQUEL!”


    I cried, too ;A;!!! The page right before the epilogue, asdhfjgk ;A;


    >> I did have one question… now that we are at the end, I didn’t recall seeing where fans were drawn into Vol 3? I’ve kinda been on the lookout for it. Did I miss it or is it coming in the hard copy?

    Yup, you’re right–we didn’t get a chance to draw the Kickstarter backers into the online edition, but that’s one of the various revisions that are on the list of stuff that will go into the print release! We haven’t forgotten! ^_^


    All the more reason to buy the finished product (not like I wasn’t going to, nor did I think you’d forgotten!!!) You guys are awesome <3


    Now that I have seen the end 2 things happen to me 1: Im so happy I’m crying and 2: I want to draw a lot more fan art of older Tory. I just want to say how happy I am for Off*beat for being in my life for so long and for now on. I got money so bring on the books!


    Older Tory is the bomb! Sexy and smart yet adorkable! I loved how he’s still carrying around his backpack!!!!


    Wow…I definitely need time to let this sink in. When I saw them kiss I started dancing around my room and looked at my hard copies (that I had since 2007). What a long time coming it’s been.

    I also enjoy the open ending, and thought it was a jammed pack chapter, with ever improving art.

    Though I also felt that some areas could have been expanded on more. Of which, would require either more chapters or later side stories, etc. Attunement, Dr. Garrets, the whole gaia projects, phase 2..really really fantastic areas to see explored. Not to mention coming out to his mom potentially or exploring the now-out-in-the-open relationship dynamic between tory and colin. I guess if I had to be quite honest, I felt a bit like a kid with andy in their face but not able to grab it. There is so much potential for this manga, I would love to see more.

    Overall, JLQ thank you for persevering and delivering such an awesome OEL manga! The roads been bumpy but you made it, congrats!

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