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Off*Beat Chapter 18 discussion

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    This is the thread for discussion of Off*Beat Chapter 18, released in Issue #008 of Sparkler Monthly.

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    Have fun!


    I’m so nervous… LOL



    I can’t wait another MONTH for this!!! Even though it’s OBVIOUS what’s gonna happen. AAAAAAHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I guess I can :) Damn it! At least there was a natural point in the chapter to split it in two!





    not and other month!!!!! i can`t f**king wait that long :(


    When Off*Beat came out, I was still in high school. Now I’m mid-twenties, finishing up my degrees, etc. It’s been a part of my life forever, so while I’m so so happy to see it finally conclude, I’m also really sad! It’s the end of an era.


    Mina I’m the same! I was 15 when it came out, now I’m 24. I can’t believe it’s almost over and it is the end of an era but there’s still so much to write and draw about it lol. I’m not sure we will ever get to find out what the Gaia Project is… maybe that will be the big mystery still lingering at the end? There sure are enough places in the storyline to revisit the characters in the future :)


    ^ Seems many of us were in our mid teens when we came across this manga. So many questions remain, curious how the last half chapter deals with tying up all the ends.

    *attempts to smash their faces together*

    ….there…is..no..month..waiting…faces..kissy…now XD


    That’s about to happen I think <3. If you can’t wait, I commissioned this back in 2008 (so looooong ago).



    Uggggggggggggggggggggh… The wait! The horrible cliffhangers that are love!
    Omg, I can’t… Why must you torture me so! >.<‘
    So good, yet so bad. And I can’t believe Colin said a curse-ish type of word. xDD
    Unless he already has and I forgot. He looks so much more adorable! <3


    Oh, Paul. *Love for Paul.* He is a really good friend.
    But I can`t help wondering, what exactly is he going to tell Ms. B?

    And yay! Colin and Tory finally meet again! Love, love, love their interaction! Oh, the twisted logic… In hindsight, I realize that Colin must have known about his permanent move for a long time now. (I think I can understand his motivations in the end of Volume 2 a little better now.) But to think that his reasons for concealing it would be so that Tory wouldn’t deem him unworthy of his continued “investigation”!..
    Love how Tory is tactically blocking the door once they are in his room ^__^
    And the cliffhanger is perfect! *___*


    I would like to voice a theory before part 2 of Chapter 18 comes out: Colin left the zamioculcas zamiifolia (and the cats?) so that it (they?) would improve Tory`s attunement somehow. And the kiss is meant to test it. (among other things ^__~)


    I think the kiss is just a way of Colin testing something he has never felt before… love… attraction… maybe something CLOSE to what he’s felt WITH the Gaia Project but just different enough that he’s had a hard time putting his finger on it! He did wonder why he was drawn to Tory at the end of Volume 2 since Tory didn’t have attunement and since Tory’s been as confused as Colin we have our two confused lovable boys about to figure everything out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But whatever Colin can do to keep Tory and vice versa I’m all for!!!!!! <3 And if keeping the plant around helps Tory understand Colin better then I’m all for it <3

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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