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Off*Beat Chapter 17 discussion

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    This is the thread for discussion of Off*Beat Chapter 17, released in Issue #007 of Sparkler Monthly.

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    Have fun!


    OK… first of all, I didn’t think there could be anything more adorable than Tory…. until I got a peek at College Student Looking to Rent Tory. Damn. This is building up to a big finish and the mix of that with Christmas and the clues Colin left behind its just too much!!!!!!!


    Thanks for your feedback! These last two chapters were some of the largest revisions in 2012 so I’ve been anxious to see how they would play out. We’re almost to the end!


    Ha ha! Yeah, I totally cracked up when we got the pages in with Tory’s slicked-back hair. Adorbs! And so many kitties in this chapter, too! Hooray for the kitties!


    Yes, college Tory was possibly the cutest thing this chapter….Next to the last page. You can feel his emotions so clearly, running.. COlin stop!


    I had many squeee moments :D.


    Let see what unfolds.

    (Also impressed tory knew the name of that plant)


    I am enjoying the new chapters immensely *happy sigh* Haven’t commented in the discussion threads yet because I don`t have anything coherent to contribute, really, just ecstatic exclamations, etc. Need time to digest the awesomeness…
    But here is something I want to share. Following Tory`s example, I Googled “zamioculcas zamiifolia” and when you start typing “zamio…”, Google suggests “zamioculcas zamiifolia cats” and the first thing that comes up in that search is that the ZZ plant is poisonous to cats.
    Now my head is spinning with various possible implications of this…
    Starting with wondering what that might mean for Colin`s message/riddle to Tory (the ZZ plant and cats are seemingly incompatible, yet there are ways for them to co-exist…)…
    …and ending with crazy (and unlikely) ideas about how Dr. Garrets and Colin have been experimenting with the cats and succeeded in making them immune to ZZ`s toxins. Which really brings me back to all the crazy pre-Volume 3 ideas about the nature of the Gaia project. Back then I used to wonder whether the plants and the cats are some significant part of it.
    Feeling nostalgic…


    I love this with Colin growing a flower out of his head lol. And that cute c
    at/plant thingy looks a bit like Colin lol


    Now you have me looking up the ZZ Plant. It comes from South Africa which has strong ties to Colin’s family. I think the plant may be a clue that Colin may be going to South Africa. As for the Gaia project, my guess at this point is that Dr
    Stephens and Colin are using plants to possibly cure diseases which had no cure or as a way of building up immunity to disease… maybe in humans or maybe in pets and humans. Maybe Colin’s condition is actually the side effect of this treatment to a disease which would have been much worse?


    Ugh. DoCTOR GARRETTS!!!! How long have I been reading this???? LOL


    five-pm, I should call you batman, because that’s some astute detective skills you have :P.

    Entirely possible, given everything thus far, specially so since those cats seem to not be affected by the plant.

    Curious how Jen’s going to tie everything in, given the big theme of natural frequency/attunement the last two volumes. Hmmm….


    I know she’ll do a great job. I thought Vol 3 may have been moving a bit fast, but Chapter 17 brought things together. I can bet the end will be satisfying with a bit of surprise thrown in.

    I will say, talking about the end of the story is so bittersweet.


    @five-pm Awesomeness

    @wonde1440 Yeah, after all these years of not being able to forget about these characters, I kinda don’t even want this to end.

    Also, if Tory gets hit by a car on the next panel, I will be so pissed.


    I think it’s safe to say all of the characters will have long, fruitful lives after the story ends… so no worries about Tory not being able to talk to Colin here :)


    @snowylocks I half expected Tory to be running out in front of a car when Chapter 18 started and then Colin would use some Gaia Project magic to protect him LOL. But, alas, no car but lots of other excitement in the new chapter ^_^


    Car hits Tory. Colin’s cats show up and perform cat-CPR.Tory awakens as CATBOY !


    No car, eh ? Well, I hear there’s lots of blushing. That’s good too.

    (I will make up for not getting a subscription by buying multiple copies of #3 when it’s available, promise)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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