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Off*Beat Chapter 14 discussion

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    Lianne Sentar

    This is the thread for discussion of Off*Beat Chapter 14, released in Issue #002 of Sparkler Monthly.

    Rules of the forum are here. Only registered users on the Sparkler site can comment, but you can sign up for a free registration now at http://sparklermonthly.com/membership-checkout/

    Have fun!


    The moment where Colin looks up and all the cats are around him… they’re like “TELL HIM!!!!” Another great chapter and still more surprises (and I forgot about Tory having a cold with everything that’s happened). That one day took 7 years to play out end to end but it was so worth the wait :) It’s also nice to see Tory recognize and try to better himself. I wonder if Colin was happy surprised when Tory “misspoke” about being together :P


    When Tory noted what color Colin’s underwear was, I was just like “Ok he finally get its.”


    First you slap him in the face, and then you leave him hanging like that ? Poor Tory.
    Really liked the scene with his mom, and always great to see Paul again.
    Dunno what it is with this comic, but I adore every single character in it.

    And you know what, even with the underwear thing and “do you like me”, I’m still not entirely sure he gets it.


    What I really love about this comic is how it shows the relationships between Tory and the other characters, instead of just a really narrow view of only the relationship between him and Colin. I really liked his mother’s emotional breakdown, and his realization that he’s really hurting his mother. I just thought it was sweet as heck. I’m so happy that off*beat got picked up again. So happy.


    wonder1440: Ah yes! It’s been so long that it’s easy to forget stuff like Tory’s cold! I have to keep trying to double check myself of details like the tones of their shirts and patterns on Colin’s cats.
    h.Chrisgo1: That was one of the small things I added in the 2012 version of the script!
    snowylocks: I’m glad you like the scenes with side characters, as well as the main characters. I don’t think Tory would feel like a complete character without them?
    pandycanes: Thank you for your continued interest and support for this story! I know it’s been such a long time coming!!


    So it’s been quite a few years since we left off with Colin punching Tori and wondering…what’s next? I can definitely tell that there is a new vibe to the whole story. It’s not bad but it did leave me feeling a bit confused. I found Colin so awkward hehe. Tory was Tory for the most part. I don’t know. Maybe I just need to realize that both of them are feeling the ~tension~ haha I’m a little befuddled by the Gaia Project. I never really did care what it turned out to be. My focus has always been on the relationships of the characters.

    I am so happy that Quick has finally been able to continue Off*Beat. The first two volumes have been sitting on a dusty shelf for many years. I almost cried when I found this site and was able to pick them up and dust them off. I look forward to the next chapter!


    Soooo, I guess you can’t read chapter 14 without a paid subscription? Is that how Off*Beat is going to work? Every other chapter will be restricted access?

    Lianne Sentar


    Yeah. For most Sparkler series, first chapter and current chapter are free to read (after the 1-week hold for subscribers when it’s first released, ala Crunchyroll), everything else is behind the paywall. Gauntlet and Dire Hearts are like this, too. There are a few exceptions to this:

    Tokyo Demons started as a free serial and was partially funded by a Kickstarter, so other than that 1-week hold, it’s always free to read.

    -Due to technical complications of restricted streaming audio, the audio series (including Awake) are always free to stream after the 1-week hold.

    The good news is the entire paywall is one unit, so you can buy a one-month subscription and it’s all-you-can-read of everything for a month…including Vol 1-2 of Off*Beat, the middle chapters of all series, the subscriber exclusives, the one-shots behind the paywall (which is where Maiden and the Fish is going in January), etc.

    Sorry, I know it’s complicated!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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