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Monthly Prompt Challenge 4 April!

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    Hey everyone! I’m late posting again!
    Why? Short answer: Work.

    There was a LOT of Tory and Colin in the last challenge. Off Beat is wrapping up so don’t slow down on that!

    You’ve produced some wonderful Fanart as always! Are you ready for the Fourth (4th) ‘Monthly Prompt Challenge’ (MPC)? I HOPE SO (cause I wasnt!)

    Here is the run down yet again:
    Art Prompt Challenge Info

    That’s right! All you have to do is have fun, draw something that fits the given prompt for the month and share it here on the forum thread! :D

    This Month’s Challenge is : WILD CARD!
    April Wild Card Month

    Draw whatever theme you want! Because April Fools and jokers and playing cards and something something! Always be prepared!

    Remember, this is on the free boards! Please keep things PG-13 and Safe for Work. ;)

    Don’t make files too big to post on the forum! 72 dpi works good for web stuff! :D

    All Chromatic/Sparkler monthly titles are fair game. Have fun! Draw your favorite characters! :D

    By the way since I’m kinda behind at the moment I will be doing a piece during the month and posting it up along with the rest of you! Let’s see if I can follow my own rules! :D

    I, and everyone else on the forum, look forward to seeing what y’all make!



    http://fav.me/d7duap5 Ugh, I always have issues uploading I swear.


    Great job Animatorwannabe! That turned out so cute!

    *Looks at her calendar*

    This…This must be a mistake…It cant be the last day of April…not yet…no…


    MWAHA! Here is my entry for this month!
    Dinner Ditz fanart

    Dinner Ditz was so cute! Finally a character that cooks food as badly as I do! <3

    What sort of theme would you all like for May?


    Lianne Sentar

    Oh, man, I didn’t have this hooked up to my subscription feed yet. @Animatorwannabe and @Neila, great job! It’s nice to see our short comics get some love!

    By the way, Denise (creator of Before You Go) was flipping out about this on Twitter today: https://twitter.com/SparklerMonthly/status/461671933609009153


    OMG I don’t think I wanna eat that >.< I love Dinner Ditz and have to read Before You Go this weekend <3


    @wonder1440 I wouldn’t eat it either. It could bite back! D:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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