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Monthly Prompt Challenge 2 February!

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    Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood forum thing person is back!

    There were a lot of amazeballs entries into the last challenge! Really! Wow! :o
    You guys are awesome! :D Now it’s time to get ready for the second Super Mega Awesome Art Monthly Prompt Challenge, or just ‘Monthly Prompt Challenge’ (MPC) for short!

    Here is the run down, along with my weirdo mug yet again:

    Prompt Challenge Run Down!

    That’s right! All you have to do is have fun, draw something that fits the given prompt for the month and share it here on the forum thread! :D

    What is this Month’s prompt? You ask with still eager hearts, drawing utensils, maybe a puppy or kitty or two.

    It is:


    As always here’s my entry into this month’s challenge to get things started!

    Jo Jo A Go Go

    Remember, this is on the free boards! Please keep things PG-13 and Safe for Work. ;)
    Don’t make files too big to post on the forum! 72 dpi works good for web stuff! :D

    All Chromatic/Sparkler monthly titles are fair game. Have fun! Draw your favorite characters! :D

    I, and everyone else on the forum, look forward to seeing what y’all make!

    Rebecca Scoble

    This is so great, Neila! I love the idea for this prompt, too–there is nothing better than terrible Valentines puns!

    All right, artists of Sparkler–I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

    Raffle details:

    Sparkler will be running a raffle on March 1st for everyone who participates in this prompt. Just post your art here or post a link to your art here (if it’s hosted elsewhere, like on Tumblr), and your name goes in the raffle! Any free or paying subscriber to sparklermonthly.com can post in the forums, as you’ll see in our Welcome Post.

    We’ll be pulling three winners from the raffle. If you’re one of the winners, you’ll receive your choice of one of the following:

    1.) A free one-month subscription to Sparkler Monthly

    2.) A free Sparkler Monthly ebook/mp3 set of your choice (Off*Beat Vol 1, Off*Beat Vol 2, Tokyo Demons Vol 1, or Tokyo Demons Audio Book 1, Part 1)

    3.) A free button set from any of our series mailed directly to you: Off*Beat, Dire Hearts, Awake, Gauntlet, or Tokyo Demons


    Oooooooh man I was hoping this would be the theme for February :D
    So many ideas <3


    Offbeat Mandy making Valentines for Tory and Colin
    Happy Valentine`s Day, everyone! =^__^=
    Mandy decided to make Valentine Cards for Tory and Colin. So that it would be clear that this is not a romantic overture but a gesture of friendship she thought of a suitable image to place on the cards…
    Will her true feelings reach them?..
    (By the way, you can send it as a Valentine on Deviantart (or just hake a more detailed look): http://five-pm.deviantart.com/art/Offbeat-Valentine-434015676 )
    Yes, here is Mandy shipping Colin and Tory again. But in a Valentine way now… So, I am repetitive.
    And not only because this is so similar to my drawing for the previous MPC, but also because this is a remake of my 2009 Valentine picture. I hope you won`t mind if I post said picture here too: Offbeat Valentine 2009

    Lianne Sentar

    Five-pm, that is SO cute! I love that you posted the old one as well, so we can see how you’ve improved as an artist over time. Great stuff! I love your attention to detail.

    Gah, I love your coloring. Everything’s so cute and feminine, love love love.


    I am submitting this for my friend Julia (Sner2000) who asked me to post this.

    Her DA is here:


    Lianne Sentar

    Waaaaaah! It’s getting hot in this thread for Tory and Colin! *lol*

    Thanks for posting this, wonder1440. Please tell Julia she did a great job! All those hearts covering the naughty bits, hahahahaha!


    Aaaaah!!! I love all of these!!


    Great work so far everyone! :D We still have a couple weeks left in Feb! Feel free to keep posting stuff! :D

    Remember, February is only 28 days this year! :o I should get started on Next Month’s prompt. Bwahahah. :P

    Lianne Sentar

    We might be doing a different sort of contest for the magazine in March, but I fully encourage these prompts to keep going.

    But that reminds me, guys – this might be the last time in a while that mere participation gets you into a raffle. Join in!


    Finally got it to work, man, I have so much problems getting this to post.
    I was gonna post it from Deviantart, but I just gave up once again and used Photobucket. xD

    Offbeat Valenteens

    It’s also on my deviantart page here:


    Holy sexy Animatorwannabe!!!!


    So far this thread has been pretty revealing as to the most popular couple ;)

    Lianne Sentar

    @animatorwannabe – Ah, I love it! The blushing! And the sexy glances, wowie. O.O

    – Ha ha, like there was ever a question! Off*Beat charms anyone it touches.

    Speaking of Off*Beat – I just copyedited the chapter going up tomorrow, and it MADE ME SCREAM. Also, I sent Jen Quick to this thread, and she’s been enjoying these Valentines immensely. Good work, guys!



    Great…. Now I won’t be able to sleep LOL…. I need to know why you screamed NOW!!!! LOL.

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