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Monthly Prompt Challenge 1 December!

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    Hello everyone! What a wonderful thing you have going on here! Everyone`s art is so beautiful! =^__^=
    I want to participate too. Mandy from Off*beat
    This is Mandy from ‘Off*beat’. She is making snowmen. Snowman Tory has carrot hair and pieces of carrot leaves for eyes. Snowman Colin has bilberry (or blueberry) hair and eyes. The snowmen are on board of a (snow) ship. Because my head canon is that Mandy is a shipper on deck ^_^
    This drawing on DeviantArt: http://five-pm.deviantart.com/art/Mandy-the-Shipper-on-Deck-430911883
    P.S. Happy Chinese New Year 2014! Mandy has a tiny blue horse in her hair (it’s supposed to be a barrette) for the occasion =^_^=


    This could be the most original piece of Offbeat fan art I have ever seen!!!!!!! I love it!!!! And Mandy is the best animated fan girl ever!!! I hope she gets to express her love in Vol 3 for Tory and Colin’s relationship


    wonder1440, thank you!!! =^__^= I was afraid that carrot and bilberry hair would be too weird^^


    This is Sparkler! Our magic eight ball (random number generator) has spoken, and we’re happy to announce the following winners of the raffle!

    • Neila
    • angichan
    • scotty6000

    We’ll be contacting you by email asking for your prize preference, a big thank you to everyone for making art for Sparkler series, it was amazing!

    Angeline Mauri

    Thank you! that was really fun to participate in and see everyone’s entries! >_< ~<3

    I hope February gets double the entries, I love seeing all the different art styles ^^


    Wow! Thanks! :o

    Also all the fanart was wonderful and cute! I posted February’s prompt in the forum yesterday by the way:


    ;u; oh wow! Thank you so much! TuT

    congrats to the other winners and the rest of the entries were so awesome!

    Good luck to everyone in February’s raffle!


    Five, for all the time I have watched your art, it always has this certain peacefulness and happiness that makes it special and real :)

    Lianne Sentar

    Sorry, never commented on Five’s piece–I really, really like it. REALLY like it. I love Mandy, and both your coloring and attention to detail are fantastic in this. That’s a great background, too, and those can be really tough and time-consuming! Fantastic work. <3

    Lianne Sentar

    And thank you for participating, everyone! Would you mind if we archived these on sparklermonthly.com? I’d like to give them their own page as a gallery, and then tag each series so the gallery pops up under ‘Bonus’ listings for every series.

    If you’d like to be included, please reply with what name you’d like to be credited under, and a link to whatever page you want (such as your portfolio page, your DA or Tumblr, etc.).

    Thank you! And in case you missed it, Neila started another prompt for February, and we’ll be doing another raffle for that as well–February’s theme is Valentine’s Day cards! We all know those can range from super simple, to sexy, to funny, to full of puns. I’M HOPING FOR A LOT OF PUNS. <3


    Lianne Sentar, thank you very much! =^_^=
    And I would love to be included in the gallery! Credited under the name “five-pm” and with the link to my DA: http://five-pm.deviantart.com/ , please.


    Credited under the name “Courtney Lunn” with a link to my Tumblr I guess? http://www.corkyboard.tumblr.com


    @liannesentar <3 That would be awesome! I’ll go under “Scotty” and heres my tumblr ;u; http://scotty6000.tumblr.com/
    Thank you!


    Ah, I never checked back with this…
    Can you post mine under @animatorwannabe on twitter.
    http://www.yaoi4evandnevayuri.deviantart.com (main)
    or http://www.animatorwannabe.deviantart.com (sub)
    My tumblr I hardly use but it’s:
    Sorry for the late prompt. <3


    Arrgg!!! I was meaning to reply to this for a while too! Sorry for the delay.
    Please credit mine under “Tacto” and link to my dA: http://tacto.deviantart.com
    Thank you! :)

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 45 total)
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