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Monthly Prompt Challenge 1 December!

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    Hey everyone! Neila here! Your friendly neighborhood forum uh…thing.

    This is the thread for the very FIRST Super Mega Awesome Art Monthly Prompt Challenge, or just ‘Monthly Prompt Challenge’ (MPC) for short!

    Here is the run down, along with my weirdo mug:
    Monthly Prompt Challenge Intro

    That’s right! All you have to do is have fun, draw something that fits the given prompt for the month and share it here on the forum thread! :D

    What is this Month’s prompt? You ask with eager hearts and drawing utensils.

    It is:
    December's Prompt is Winter Wonder

    Still feeling anxious? Confused? Unsure of what to do?
    That’s fine! Maybe it’ll help if I go ahead and post one? It can be as simple as a pencil sketch, line-art, or you can go wild and post a fully finished illustration. Just…don’t make the file you post too large! We don’t want to go breaking the shiny new forums, do we?

    Here is my entry into this month’s Challenge!
    Rose with a fuzzy coat

    “But I wanted to draw Rose!” You screech.
    Go right ahead! :D All Chromatic/Sparkler monthly titles are fair game. Have fun! Draw your favorite characters! :D

    Remember, this is on the free boards! Please keep things PG-13 and Safe for Work. ;)

    Deadline is January 1st 2014 but you can keep entering afterward. I’ll just be posting a new thread for the January Prompt at that time. :D

    Ed note: Now running through the end of January! Please see post below.

    Lianne Sentar

    Because we love Neila and think this is a great idea, Sparkler will be running a raffle on February 1st for everyone who participates in this prompt. Just post your art here or post a link to your art here (if it’s hosted elsewhere, like on Tumblr), and your name goes in the raffle! Any free or paying subscriber to sparklermonthly.com can post in the forums, as you’ll see in our Welcome Post.

    We’ll be pulling three winners from the raffle. If you’re one of the winners, you’ll receive your choice of one of the following:

    1.) A free one-month subscription to Sparkler Monthly

    2.) A free Sparkler Monthly ebook/mp3 set of your choice (Off*Beat Vol 1, Off*Beat Vol 2, Tokyo Demons Vol 1, or Tokyo Demons Audio Book 1, Part 1)

    3.) A free button set from any of our series mailed directly to you: Off*Beat, Dire Hearts, Awake, Gauntlet, or Tokyo Demons

    For those of you participating in our first posting contest, posts in this thread count toward your total posts. Remember, that contest ends in a week!

    BTW, I loooooove that picture of Rose, Neila. Your inking rocks.


    Wow! I hope lots of people get a chance to enter the raffle through the challenge! :D Those are some pretty awesome prizes! :D

    Glad you like the picture of Rose! :D I managed to work on it off and on for a few nights a couple weeks ago. :P It’s important to find time to draw fun stuff, especially if you’re busy. :D

    When will you be pulling raffle winners? At the end of December?


    My lack of art skills, you spite me once more! Oh well, even if I don’t participate, I definitely look forward to seeing all of the submissions, and you’ve started it out wonderfully, Neila. :D


    Rose needs an Eigen :)

    Lianne Sentar

    OMG, love it! Masculine sashay with SPARKLY SNOW. <3

    Angeline Mauri

    Tried to do a little something in between homework and work work for this ><
    Maiden and Fish fanart by angichan
    Loved this story so very much!

    Lianne Sentar

    Angi! XD This is so cute! I’m totally sending this to Lydia and Phong Anh. <3

    By the way, guys, and especially Neila--how do you feel about extending this prompt until the end of January? Editorial forgot to promote it much with all the holiday stuff/new launches lately. To compensate, I'm happy to put everyone who participates in the prompt by Jan 1st into the raffle twice, for being timely. *lol*

    Angeline Mauri

    mweeeee!<3 thank you for passing it along Lianne!<3

    Extension sounds good, when you mentioned compensating for the holiday crazy times, it made perfect sense. Just plaster the word all across the inter-webs?

    (and I personally don’t need double raffle entry ^^; for reelzies, tis fine.)


    I’m fine with extending it to the end of January! That gives me time to get the next prompt ready. XD I kinda dropped the ball what with the holidays and New Year’s (Pun sort of intended!)
    So the next prompt can be Valentine’s themed! Ho ho ho! That’s what we say for Valentine’s right? ;)

    Sgl, Angichan! You’ve done wonderful! :D I love both your entries! :D
    <3 <3 <3 <3


    Nah – don’t mind whatever you guys decide to do. But to those who have yet to post… hint: BISHOUNENssssss


    First day of the year.. Miki and Mitsuko from Tokyo Demons. Because they’ve been on my mind for a while. And because Miki needs love.
     photo WarmSnow.jpg


    Gorgeous work Tacto!

    Hey guys, I know everyone was talking about maybe skipping Jan, but I may be able to get a prompt together for Jan.

    What do you think? Should we just continue with extending Winter Wonder through the end of January? Or do a new one this month?


    I would appreciate it if we extend the Winter Wonder contest. Holidays were super busy for me and I really want to contribute


    CourtneyLunn, it’s been extended. :D Feel free to keep submitting Winter Wonder entries! :D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)
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