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Master thread for Year 3 Kickstarter

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    Lianne Sentar

    Edit: Kickstarter has launched! :D

    Our Kickstarter for Year 3 (to supplement our Membership Drive) will be launching sometime in the week of June 22nd – 26th, 2015. This is the forum for all your questions, concerns, or suggestions!

    To answer the people who asked–one of our readers contacted us privately about boosting our membership numbers, and we had an open call within our creators and staff to see if anyone else wanted to collaborate. As a result, we’ll have about 10 specialty tiers in the Kickstarter, all boosted by the work and/or donations of these lovely, lovely people.

    Once the Kickstarter launches, if you want to collaborate in some way or have an idea for how to help us reach our goals, feel free to comment below or email me privately at editorial@chromaticpress.com.

    I’ll put the link to Kickstarter here as soon as soon as it launches. Thank you! :D


    I of course will help in whatever capacity I am able! I’m pretty excited about this, I can’t wait to see it. O:

    D.F. Pendrys

    Already sent in an email, but also willing to say here I’m willing to do almost anything to support this provided it doesn’t involve jumping out of an airplane. Evil things, benevolent things, the whole range of the morality scale is on the table.


    I was wondering if you could list the books that would be included in the $200 Kickstarter tier, please? I tried counting from the store, but the numbers didn’t make sense. Also, would it be possible to swap the audio out for an IOU of some sort? My netbook doesn’t have a disc drive, unfortunately.

    Lianne Sentar

    Hey, Olivia! Here’s the $200 tier list:

    Off*Beat Vol 1-3
    Tokyo Demons Vol 1-2
    Tokyo Demons Cherry Bomb Collection (coming out late summer/early fall)
    The Ring of Saturn
    Mahou Josei Chimaka
    Orange Junk Vol 1
    Windrose Vol 1
    Gatesmith Vol 1 (coming out late summer/early fall)
    Dusk in Kalevia (coming out fall)
    Dead Endings (coming out late summer/early fall)
    Awake Chap 1 CD + Cat Lover’s Circumstances Chap 1 CD

    We’re probably going to make a graphic of that for Friday’s Kickstarter update, heh.

    As for substitutions, those two CDs (as a set) generally retail for $8 when we sell them at cons, so you could swap them out for one ebook, if you wanted? Just leave a clear note in the post-Kickstarter survey making a request like that.

    As an update, we’re almost at $6K in the Kickstarter, whee! XD


    I have a question that might be obvious, but I just want to double check before I pledge: if we pledge for a tier that doesn’t include the Year 3 membership, we can still continue the $5/month membership through year 3 right? Thanks!

    Rebecca Scoble

    Sorry for the delay in response–most of the staff was away at a show this weekend, and it’s taking us a while to catch up on everything.

    Yes, you can definitely keep your normal membership going through year 3! As long as you don’t change anything, your monthly membership will keep going as normal–any pledges you make through the Kickstarter will be totally separate.

    Thanks so much for all your support!


    Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations! ?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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