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Mahou Josei Chimaka (including teaser!)

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    This is the thread for discussion of “Mahou Josei Chimaka,” the first full chapter of which will launch in December, in Issue #017 of Sparkler Monthly, with chapters 2 & 3 following in February and April respectively.

    You no longer need to be a Free Member to post; anyone can comment below. Rules of the forum are here.

    Have fun!


    I am 100% down for this series. The title alone makes me want it. I kind of like magical girl series but they tend to be repetitive and deal with the same themes. A magical woman series has promise though. A character who has grown up with the job, maybe missed out on a lot because of it. And maybe some not entirely chaste romance? I’m really looking forward to it regardless.

    Also, more work from KaiJu and and adorable little winged snake. Yay!


    Yay!! Glad to have you on board! :D Yes! We’re excited to explore themes that tend to get ignored in most Magical girl series as well as themes that come from being a working adult. Don’t wanna give away too much before the chapter comes out, but It’s gonna be fun ;)


    As someone who is a rabid magical girl fan (Cardcaptor Sakura will forever be a part of me), I am more than excited for some affectionate parody and a closer look at what happens after one goes to all the trouble of saving the world.


    Woohoo! As giant Card Captor Sakura fans ourselves (We own the series, the manga, and the deck of Clow cards ;) ) we are thrilled to have the chance to draw frilly things! The idea for this story actually spurred from watching Card Captor Sakura while we were working on Saturn. We started to wonder what a magical girl’s life would be like when examined more closely and where her life would turn as an adult… and Chimaka was born!


    Ha ha! Chiming in here Re: Sakura–after I saw the first costume designs and thumbnails, I was like, “Hey ladies, if you haven’t read CCS in a while, you should totally review it! That’s definitely the clean-line style + spot-blacks + frilly costumes I’d like to aim for with this!” And Team Kaiju was like, “…do you have cameras in our house, or what?”


    Ha! After the last story this is certainly a surprise. Also rather amused by the ending of this installment. For some reason it made me think of One Punch Man…which means I hope this is going to be one ironically funny series :)


    Lillian – (whispers) we still think you do… you know too much… O____O

    sgl – We snicker every time we see the crater page. We are having a ton of fun working on this series and are happy to have the chance to bring our own sense of humor to the table! We want there to be more feels than One Punch Man and hope that our readers enjoy “Chimaka” as much as we do. :D


    I’m so excited for this. ♥ Her design is so ultra cute, I can’t even deal! ♥♥


    Awww Thanks Caporushes! (☆^O^☆) We’re glad you like her design! We tried to make her magical girl outfit as cute as possible while keeping a snake motif in mind :3


    The silly code names and magical chants had me snickering pretty quickly. Seriously, what kind of name is “Agent Coyote Boulder?” I started getting really strong Puppycat and Bee vibes about halfway through the chapter, which is awesome. It’s a shame this is only going to be a short story.


    Olivia – Haha, we are glad that you liked that ridiculous chant, we are inclined to say it every time we see it! We were inspired by old magical girl series like “Creamy Mami” (If you want to watch more gibberish transformations here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BNlOh4Ckcw). Coyote Boulder’s name is a parody of another popular agent *coughX-filescough*. Thanks for the encouraging comment! There’s all sorts of magical girl ideas buzzing in our heads now, it’s interesting to envision “Chimaka” as a longer series, that’s for sure!


    OH MY GOD, I can’t believe I didn’t get the X-Files reference with Coyote Boulder! I though it was just a funny name! *editor fail*


    Loved the teaser and the full chapter made me SO HAPPY! As someone who loves magical girl series, this fills an empty space in my heart that I didn’t know I had. Can’t wait to read the rest.


    Lillian – Hehehe~ We got such a kick out of that. My sister didn’t get the reference either even though she is such a huge fan.

    siroe – Yay~ We’re really happy that it made you so happy. We can’t wait to continue the story, there are several scenes in the next two chapters that we are really looking forward to draw!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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