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    Rebecca Scoble

    Hello, Sparkler Street Team members! You can use this thread as a place to introduce yourselves.

    I’m Rebecca, head of audio and retail for Chromatic Press! I’m one of your contacts for any Street Team business–especially anything that has to be mailed out, since I’m also the one at the post office every other day, shipping out books to anyone who orders them.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on everything that happens on this forum, and you can also email me at rebecca@chromaticpress.com about anything you don’t want to post here.

    Thanks, everybody! I’m really excited to get this going :D


    Hey y’all!!

    Hmm… How personal should the intros be? Oh well, here goes nothing!

    I’m Corinna a.k.a. Coco. Web designer for local college by day and freelance manga letterer/editor on the side. ^_^_v Fan of comics, manga, anime, Marvel, movies, and TV shows. Ending here or else it’ll get really long, but I have more in-depth intros on my blog and tumblr.

    Looking forward to working with y’all!


    I’m Sarah and I may be the biggest fan of Off*beat there is. I’m forever thankful for everyone at Sparkler for bringing us the 3rd volume and I want to help out any way I can :)

    Leslie Kirby

    Hey, all. I’m Leslie, aka scheherezhad (sche for short). Retail drone by day, fan creature by night, trying to think of ways I can be useful as a street team member because I want Sparkler to thrive.


    Hi, I’m Courtney, or Corky-Lunn online. Graphic Designer by day and fangirl/sleep deprived artist by night. I have an unhealthy love for the Awake series.

    Leah Waig

    Hi! I’m Leah. (o3o)/ I’m an (the?) audio/production assistant for Sparkler. I’m really wanting to help promote Sparkler, too! :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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