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Forum contest! Five posts = one entry in our December prize raffle!

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    Lianne Sentar

    Our first Sparkler Monthly contest is taking place right here in the forums! On Monday, December 9th, we’ll be holding a raffle with three winners. If you’re one of the winners, you’ll receive your choice of one of the following:

    1.) A free one-month subscription to Sparkler Monthly

    2.) A free Sparkler Monthly ebook/mp3 set of your choice (Off*Beat Vol 1, Off*Beat Vol 2, Tokyo Demons Vol 1, or Tokyo Demons Audio Book 1, Part 1)

    3.) A free button set from any of our series mailed directly to you: Off*Beat, Dire Hearts, Awake, Gauntlet, or Tokyo Demons

    How do you enter? Just post in the Sparkler forums! Any free or paying subscriber to sparklermonthly.com can do so, as you’ll see in our Welcome Post.

    For every five posts in the forum, your name will be entered into the raffle once. That means if you post 25 times, your name is going in the raffle 5 times. Whoa! If you win, your other entries will be taken out of the bucket, because each user can only win once. But increase your chances for that win with lots of entries. :)


    1.) Posts up through Sunday, December 8th, 11:59 pm EST only will be considered for this raffle. If you’ve been posting in the forum up until now, good work! Those posts already count toward your raffle entries.

    2.) Tiny posts like “Yes!” or “Welcome to the discussion!” or “I agree!” will not count toward your total–just try to say something with a little substance. The editor counting up posts for the contest reserves the right to use her judgment on what counts as a “post of substance,” but we’re not super strict. Just try to add to any conversations.

    3.) We’ll be counting posts on all forums, including the Subscriber-only private forums. There’s not much there now, but the editors will be building up that side of the forum over the next few weeks.

    4.) You can get one post right now if you introduce yourself in our User Introductions thread started by Neila.

    5.) Sparkler staff reserve the right to update/adjust these rules if it becomes necessary, but this is the general gist.

    Good luck! Happy posting~! <3


    Tempting ^__^ But I have most of these treasures *hugs her treasure trove*


    Oh my, oh my oh my! :D

    I think this is a great idea! It should get people posting more on the forums. I’ve been rather distracted being busy, landed some flatting work the last couple weeks that has been eating my time and mind. @_@

    *Dashes off to see if there’s a relevant thing she can post about without just putting “Wazzuuuuup” and seeming both annoying and woefully outdated. *

    Lianne Sentar

    Ha ha, true–Becky owns, like, EVERYTHING WE’VE EVER DONE. :D

    Glad to hear you’re working on an art job, Neila!


    LOL nearly everything – my goal is to get a piece of Rem’s original art. *evil laugh* Then I will have art from all the artists MWAH


    Lianne, sorry I’m late to reply here. Thanks! It’s some flatting work for one of the Darkhorse colorists. I really lucked out getting it! It’s been fun to work on.

    I hope the raffle has helped shoot some life into the forums. :D It certainly feels more lively now. ;)


    The random number generator has spoken, and the winners of the first ever Sparkler contest are………….

    NEILA!! Tacto!! and Serene!!

    Congratulations everyone! We’ll be emailing you to ask what you’d like as a prize.

    Thanks everyone who participated, and please continue posting in the forums and building a community of great fans!

    Edited because sparkler forgot there were three winners, not just one.


    Serene’s email address doesn’t seem to be working, so Serene, if you see this, please let us know which prize you’d like at editorial@chromaticpress.com!

    Thanks again everybody!

    Lianne Sentar

    Next raffle will be on January 2nd, and it will include everyone who participates in Neila’s winter fanart prompt! Details here: http://sparklermonthly.com/forums/topic/monthly-prompt-challenge-1-december/


    Whoops, looks like I misspelled my own email. ^^; I’ve now fixed it and sent the email. Congrats to the other winners as well!


    Thanks! Wow :o Do I need to do anything to activate the 1 month sub?

    Lianne Sentar

    Is that what you want, Neila? Just reply yes or no and I’ll do that for you. I’ll manually change the status on your current subscription to paid for a month.


    Yes, that’s what I want. :D Thanks! :D


    Nyahaha!:D *pockets prize*
    This is going to be put to good use…
    Thank you, Sparkler!!! :D


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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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