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    Lianne Sentar

    Dusk in Kalevia will begin in Issue #006 of Sparkler Monthly in January 2014. Read the official press release and then check out some bonus illustrations on the Sparkler Monthly Tumblr. Post your general thoughts on the series here!

    Many of you already know Onorobo (illustrator) through her webcomic Something to Talk About and her gorgeous and entirely Not Safe For Work
    Tumblr. :D She’s also assisted HamletMachine with the wildly popular 18+ Bl webcomic Starfighter (Not Safe for Work). She’s especially fantastic with period clothing, which this series will take full advantage of!

    Similar to Jessica Chavez, Emily Compton (author) has her professional life in the video game industry: she’s an artist and art director at Muse Games, where she specializes in 3D animation. She also has a background in 2D animation, film, and even audio. Although Dusk in Kalevia is her first novel, when she submitted it during our open submissions period, we were immediately blown away by her unearthed talent in prose. This book is exquisite, and you’re going to love it. <3


    Thanks so much for your nice introduction, Lianne! Anyhoo, I’m Emily, aka gomidog, and yeah, this is my first substantial effort in the prose department. Since I’m into spy fiction and Cold War history, I decided to go with a story set in the 1960’s in a Communist state. I’m super excited to be working with Onorobo on this project, and I really hope people enjoy it.

    Also, if anyone here wants to talk about animation stuff, totally hit me up on the forum. As of late, I haven’t been doing quite as much straight-up art direction or animation as I did on some of our previous projects (I’ve been mostly focusing on a lot of tech art and design!) but animation/modeling/comics are all things I LOVE creating and talking about. I’ve got an art Tumblr here, and I hope to post more Kalevia related stuff in the future.


    With only a few more chapters to go, I want to start some more discussions in the forums. I hope you all are enjoying the story so far. I just wanted to ask you guys what you thought about it, and wanted some feedback. Do ya’ll have any headcannons you want to share? Requests for side stories? After I finish the book I’m probably going to do a couple of shorts, maybe both regular and 18+ and was wondering what you guys want to read about.

    P.S. I got a new animation job! I’m a 3D animator on the HIVESWAP game (Homestuck.) Any Homestuck fans here?


    How many chapters do you have planned? I feel like the story could go on for much longer, but it does look like the Vesa/Kaija and Toivo/Demyan stories have both climaxed (so to speak ^_^).

    Outside of the main story, I’d like to see more stories in the same universe. Other conflicts in different time periods, other angels, maybe able to influence different things. Build that universe!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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