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Convention roll call?

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    Hi guys – thought I’d start a thread to see if others might be attending any cons nearby. I’m not slated to table at anything for some time but am planning to go Anime Weekend Atlanta and SPX in September for FUN.

    Any one exhibiting?

    Lianne Sentar

    The Sparkler staff (which is pretty spread out right now) are trying to do more cons in the upcoming year, although it’s tricky. We always do TCAF, I think we’re waitlisted at Yaoicon, we’d really like to do Ohayocon again at some point, and we’re definitely aiming for Connecticon next year–we just did some panels this year, and that con has gotten awesome since the last time I went a decade ago. :)


    Ill be at Yaoi Con, table 50 this year!

    I was also on the waitlist for Spx and almost had a table at one point lol! (It’s too bad both cons were the same weekend TuT)


    I went to SPX last year and it was AWESOME~! We got randomly upgraded to the honeymoon suite for no extra money and a whole crew of us had a party in the room and drew comics late into the night.
    Sparkler should think about getting a table for the next one.
    This year I am unfortunately not going down to Bethesda, as I am still recuperating from PAX and my darling is flying to Singapore the next day. All you guys have a great time!

    Leah Waig

    I’ll do my darndest to be at AggieCon next year. o3o;; I was on several panels this year (first time running panels, whew) and had a blast, so hopefully they’ll let me back in? X);; Anyway, it’s a small Texas con and I’d love to meet other Sparkler kinsmen/women. *o*

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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