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Call for podcast questions!

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    Hey everyone! We’re working on a podcast for an upcoming Sparkler feature, and we’re hoping you have some questions for us!

    Now’s your chance to find out the answers to burning questions like, how does our Audio Editor survive when finishing two audio chapters a month? (Hint: lots of caffeine) Just what is our Prose Editor’s favourite boost when she’s burning the midnight oil? (Hint: caffeine) And what does our Comic Editor use as a pick-me-up when lettering the final chapters of Off*Beat? (still need a hint?)

    I think you guys probably have much more interesting questions than these, so feel free to ask about anything! We can’t guarantee we’ll answer them all (especially spoiler-y questions) but we’ll do our best! Ask about Sparkler, Chromatic, our series, our backgrounds, whatever you’re curious about!

    One section of the podcast will be questions for the Sparkler team, our editors especially, so please either post your questions here or let us know another way – twitter (@SparklerMonthly) and email(contests@chromaticpress.com) work too!


    I’d like to know if you guys are working in one location or if everyone has a home office? :)


    Ah, that’s a great question which I’d never have thought of! It’s funny how being so close to something, you forget how little people can see from the outside.

    Thanks, we’ll definitely answer this in the podcast!


    Everyone: What’s your preferred method of caffeine delivery?

    Rebecca: How did you get started with audio editing before Tokyo Demons?

    Rebecca: What’s the next thing for the Sparkler Audio department after Awake ends?

    Lianne: How long had Tokyo Demons Book 2, Chapter 8 been planned? Also, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??????

    Lianne: When is the next part of Tokyo Demons going to be ready? And is it the last part of Book 2? Also, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????

    Lillian: Uhhh… I got nothing. Sorry…


    How and why did you guys come up with the idea to create Chromatic Press and eventually Sparkler Monthly? :3


    So, these are kind of more general questions about the podcast, but:

    Is the podcast going to be a regular (maybe monthly?) thing? Because podcasts are my incentive to do the dishes, and I always love having new ones to listen to. Heh.

    Are you going to do audio interviews with Sparkler creators? I’d love to hear from the artists/writers about their processes/creative ticks/general awesomeness. : )

    Lianne Sentar

    @runedrum – Yeah, we’re hoping to make the podcasts a semi-regular thing, and we’re planning to get creators on board. That will probably include you. <3

    After running audio serials for a few years, we’ve found that “people who want to listen to something while doing the dishes” is a big percentage of our audience. *lol* If you want more awesome podcasts, I recommend /report, which will soon expand into a Female Gaze podcast as well. Those ladies are HILARIOUS and super smart.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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