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Brainstorming Thread

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    Hi everyone!

    If you have any ideas that you want to run by everyone this is the place :)

    I was talking to Rebecca about looking into pricing for advertising space in programs at anime/comic cons or seeing if we could give flyers to these cons to put in their goodie bags for attendees. Cgcornett has already set up a google doc for us to list conventions in your area in another thread because she’s awesome! <3

    Any ideas are appreciated :)


    Maybe the Powers That Be could post a pdf flyer for fans to print off and hand out at conventions where there isn’t an official presence. It could include a link/QR code for the year one sampler, or maybe a promo code?

    Lianne Sentar

    This is a good idea. Our design team is finishing up some stuff this week, but I’ll get one of them on this ASAP.

    Rebecca Scoble

    Ooh, yeah, good idea!

    Leah Waig

    I just got a bunch of Sparkler postcards I’m not sure what to do with. X) Seriously, it’s a whole stack!

    So I was thinking of having a giveaway on my Tumblr (labyrinthofleah.tumblr.com– much otome to be seen on there) where I’d write a nice note/attach something nice (like stickers?) and send it to people who were able/willing to give me their address.

    I was also thinking that I could write a tantalizing quote/short excerpt from the start of a series on the postcards, too?

    Maybe there’s some way to get the word out about the Sampler Issue to more people, as well? I’m coming up with a blank as to how at the moment, but there must be a way! *_*

    I’m also thinking that maybe there could be a “social media street team.” Maybe there could be “guest posts” by street team members on Sparkler’s Tumblr/Twitter/etc. about Sparkler-approved topics/content?

    Or a “Sparkler Street Team” social media account/blog where members who post could be all “This is not directly endorsed/run by Sparkler Monthly/Chromatic Press, we just really love the magazine and what it stands for”? Posts could be on various Sparkler/female gaze-related topics, maybe we could invite guest posters, have occasional giveaways, etc. etc.

    So those are my thoughts for now. X) What are y’all’s thoughts?


    I like the idea of a Sparkler Street Team blog.
    I believe most of us here have a tumblr account. One of us could start a shared tumblr where we each have posting access. I’m all for it. :D


    Yeah, I’m sure we all have Tumblr and could share :)
    Would we call it Sparkler-Street-Team ? Or something cute, not directly tied to Sparkler in the name?

    Maybe we could add Rebecca or someone from the Sparkler staff to look over posts just to make sure nothing is spoiled or wouldn’t be acceptable before posting. We could add them to drafts and they could send them once they look them over? If they have time of course.

    Maybe there’s some way to get the word out about the Sampler Issue to more people, as well? I’m coming up with a blank as to how at the moment, but there must be a way! *_*

    Do you think we could get postcards made with a QR code or link to the Sampler Issue on them maybe? Everyone likes things that say ‘FREE!’ on them, haha.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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