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Before You Go: Halfway There (short story)

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    This is the thread for discussion of the short story Before You Go: Halfway There, released in Issue #017 of Sparkler Monthly. Spoilers are expected, so beware!

    You no longer need to be a Free Member to post; anyone can comment below. Rules of the forum are here.

    Have fun!


    Yes yes yes. This was pretty much the best.


    Chiming in here to say that my friend was feeling down because of a little homophobia. I sent her the first Before You Go story, and her response via Facebook was “oh god oh god. that was. sniff. PERFECT.” So thanks for helping me make her feel better. ^o^


    Oh man, what a lovely thing to hear! Thanks for sharing (on both levels!), Olivia!



    Awwwwwwwwwww. That story was so cuuuute! The artist does a great job with body language too. The characters look very expressive!

    One more story, maybe about Robin’s problems, yes/yes?


    So sweet!!! Yes, love the body language, the expressions, and you totally nailed the environment! Very immersive, you really get a sense of place. :) We were kinda giddy when we saw the benches for the light-rail, so perfect XD And it’s so cool seeing this story come to life! Now I really wanna see Sadie and Robin do karaoke together <3


    Ahhh I love this one. ; _ ; They’re so cute in it… ♥


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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