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Awake: Chapter 8 discussion

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    Lianne Sentar

    This is the thread for discussion of Awake Chapter 8, released in Issue #010 of Sparkler Monthly. Spoilers up to and including this point are expected, so beware!

    Rules of the forum are here. Only registered users on the Sparkler site can comment–which includes you if you have a paid subscription and are logged in–but newbies and casuals can sign up for a free registration now at http://sparklermonthly.com/membership-levels/

    Spoilers for Chapter 8 are assumed for this thread. Have fun!


    Oh my god so many tears!! My heart wasn’t prepared for this chapter…!


    Well! Jamilah’s video key certainly clears up a lot of things. I was thinking that she may be dead but I didn’t expect the pregnancy twist. Where is the child now? My crazy theory right now is that Robbie is Jamilah’s son, but the timing doesn’t match unless he is lying about his age. It’s plausible, considering all traces of Naveen were erased from Persephone’s system. Seems to me Robbie’s nervous breakdowns have more to do with what he knows than what he’s hiding from Rosa. In a previous chapter Janelle revealed she made a pass at Robbie which backfired, which seems particularly significant now. Maybe Robbie didn’t want to make out with his mother’s identical twin. :P There are too many coincidences with Robbie now to ignore.


    Oh snaps. I should not have read this at work. I was freaking out. I need to go back and listen to it all again to put the pieces together. What a twist!


    Holy crap, I didn’t expect what Jamilah had to say! Like okaykarendraw said, I expected her to be dead or admit she killed Naveen.

    And Robbie being Jamilah’s kid, I never even thought of that! I still have a suspicion that the baby may be in Naveens pod. Maybe Rosa convinced her to do that, she seemed pretty upset at the door in the video key. Because the baby might have created some tension between Naveen and Jamilah, maybe the death was the end result of a fight? Rosa seemed to care about Jamilah a lot, I could *maybe* see her killing him to protect her and trying to hide it.

    And the kiss! I was awwwwing on the bus when I was listening to this! Its one of those couples that you want it to work out because they’re so cute together but one of them in already in a relationship. I’m so torn! Robbie being all cute and asking her for a kiss, he’s like a shy kid talking to his crush <3

    I am such a Robbie/Hina shipper.


    Oh, also, the artwork for this chapter is cute! I keep forgetting how big Robbie is ^^;


    Arrrr! Finally got to listen to this chapter! And it’s great, as usual:D
    I was really surprised by Robbie’s feelings for Hina and how she feels about him – didn’t see that coming at all.
    As for the mystery with Jamilah, I initially thought that she might have had a child and was hiding him/her in her pod, but now my theory is that Rosa killed Navil to save Jamilah, because she loved her. That is why seeing Janelle is hard for her. In that case, Jamilah’s child would be in Navil’s pod. And I am guessing Robbie knows everything and he was the one who helped erase all info about Navil from the system (although I don’t know what convinced him to do that).
    Can’t wait for the next chapter…


    Went back and listened to all the chapters over again, and the scene where Robbie asks Persephone to pull up a photo of Naveen and then asks her if he’s handsome, that was him comparing himself to Naveen I think. Like, wondering if he could compete with Naveen for Hina’s affection. That was probably around the time where he fell in love with her. So cute <3
    Seriously guys, I got a bad case of the Robbie/Hina here.

    And Tacto, if Robbie did help erase all the files (which I’m sure he’s capable of, being the best technician in 600 years) do you think he’d need a lot of convincing from Rosa? (I assume its Rosa that would convince him since shes the Captain and seems like she would do anything for Jamilah) He keeps talking about how Rosa looks after everyone, and I feel like he sees her as a mom figure, and if your mom tells you to do something, you’d do it if you were Robbie, haha.
    And who knows, maybe Rosa told him what happened and he felt really bad for Jamilah and her kid and in turn was willing to help? Janelle mentioned that he had a troubled childhood and maybe it meant something to him.

    Again, all speculation, haha. Listening to the chapters from the beginning after getting all this juicy info from Jamilah is helpful for getting new ideas in your head :)

    And if you guys have any spare time, grab the transcript of each chapter Jamilah talks in and read her lines. She was so obviously preggers and I never realized it! Talking about being sick all the time and craving candy bars from her childhood out of nowhere :3

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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