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Awake: Chapter 7 discussion

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    Rebecca Scoble

    This is the thread for discussion of Awake Chapter 7, released in Issue #008 of Sparkler Monthly.

    Rules of the forum are here. Only registered users on the Sparkler site can comment, but you can sign up for a free registration now at http://sparklermonthly.com/membership-checkout/

    Spoilers for chapter 7 are assumed for this thread. Have fun!


    All I have to say is
    Omg! I’m SO so glad Seb is okay. Oh gosh, dunno where to start, my head is spinning.

    Okay, so we have two suspects in my mind right now: Rosa, and Jamilah.

    Questions to add to the ever piling list:

    “I…know you put Janelle here…to remind me of my failures. And I’ve resisted the
    urge to be alone with her, because I swear I’ll never stray again, but…”

    Why is Janelle reminding Rosa of her mistakes? Because it sounds like Rosa kinda has the hots for her.
    Plus I thought Rosa and her wife were okay with sleeping around on the ship. Guess not?

    “If Robbie tells Janelle, I don’t know
    what I’ll do!”

    If Robbie tells Janelle what? TELL US ROBBIE!

    So I’m 70% sure Jamilah did it now. My previous notion about her leaving a video diary about her possibly being killed is gone. Now it’s possibly her confessing the murder to Janelle and making sure their family is taken care of? (in case she gets immediately arrested once woken up) Or maybe asking her to help hide the body further? SO much speculation!

    I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions later. I need to listen to this another 5x times, haha.

    Oh god I want the next chapter already!
    You guys are the best :)

    Rebecca Scoble

    Heh heh heh…very interesting theories!

    Re: Rosa…as a general rule, if you think any character in Awake is a functioning person without any major issues, you just haven’t listened far enough yet :D


    Awesome chapter!!!! :D :D I really love this audio drama so much.. ^____^
    Well, I feel like we finally get closer to the answers here. I actually think it is pretty clear now why Rosa avoids being alone with Janelle. And that is also more than probably the cause of Navil’s (??) death. Was it jealousy on his part? Or was he mean to Jamilah? Or did he really love her and killed himself? AND it seems that Robbie actually knows everything.
    Can’t wait till next chapter! And wonderful, wonderful work on the voices, everyone. Love listening to you ^__^

    Kelly Hoolihan

    Finally caught up on Awake and man was this impressive. Terribly relieved that Seb is alright (mostly) (not dead at any rate) and that the rest of the crew hasn’t been caught.

    As for the murder I will now really not be surprised if Rosa is involved, though she certainly doesn’t seem to be the type to kill in a fit of jealous rage over the guy sleeping with Jamilah. I also won’t be surprised if it’s way more complicated than that! Love this story.


    My guess at this point is that Rosa is covering up the death either because she was involved or because Jamilah did it/was involved. Did Navil get jealous when Jamilah got involved with Rosa and was there a fight over that? But I agree with you, Khooliha, it is probably way more complex than that.

    Rebecca Scoble

    Ooh, I love all the theories! Rosa is awfully suspicious, isn’t she? :D :D :D

    I wish I could taunt you with tiny details, but we’re getting too close to the mystery being revealed…

    Lianne Sentar

    We recorded Chapters 8-9 last week, which include the answer to the mystery. Not all of the actors knew what was coming, so we got a lot of them showing up to their sessions screaming, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” as they waved the script around.

    Almost to the big reveal, guys. I guess it’s hard to predict. :)


    Okay, in light of today’s big reveal of the location of the video key, I thought I might share the theory I made back when the video key was originally introduced back in Chapter 3, for no reason whatsoever.

    So, my guess is that the video key is in the gym somewhere. As Travis said a little while ago (was it Chapter 6?), Jamilah would have needed to pick a place that was already mentioned in the video diaries up to that point, since none of them were doctored afterwards. Additionally (and this is me talking, not Travis), it doesn’t hurt to put the key in a place that was mentioned frequently. That way a cursory examination of the diaries wouldn’t have yielded anything, while a more knowledgeable one would have yielded the answer by answering a fairly simple question, “What place did Jamilah mention the most often in the videos up until now?”. From what we heard in Chapter 3 of the diaries prior to that fateful entry (there were three), all but the very first entry Jamilah made included some mention of the gym. Additionally, the one immediately after started by saying that Jamilah had “twisted [her] ankle and both wrists” (Chapter 3, 15:09-15:12). Close listening also revealed that Jamilah was confined to a wheelchair for a while after the incident, meaning that she wouldn’t be mentioning going to the gym any more for a while. I personally don’t think that was a coincidence. However, I will admit there is a lot of room for error here. I have a very small amount of information to pick through, and none of the other diary entries that weren’t in Chapter 3 mention the gym as far as I can remember. Still, this is a theory, and I thought it should go up before the Chapter where it’s proven or disproven.

    Well, it’s 1AM Alaska Time, so I’m signing off. See you all in a few hours to see how wrong I probably was.


    Oh man, I never even thought of the gym! If Janelle hadn’t said she checked all over her sisters pod yet, that’s where I would have thought it would be.

    A gym seems too public for something this secret, and someone between Jamilah and Janelle’s time could have found it while working out there.

    Wait, what if someone has *already* found it?

    Idea: what if Rosa has it and is keeping it from Janelle? If it puts Rosa in a bad light I’m sure she’d want to hide it from the crew.

    I love all these ideas :D I’m gonna go discuss it with my boyfriend now, haha

    Lianne Sentar

    Ha ha! You guys are great. :D The video key will be revealed in a mere few hours. Becca’s putting the final sound effects into Chapter 8 now. <3

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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