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Awake actor roundtable

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    Rebecca Scoble

    Hey everyone!

    I’m recording two actor roundtables with the cast of Awake, and I wanted to open them up to questions from the listeners. So, if you have any questions about acting, recording, editing, the story, the characters, or anything else having to do with Awake, you can post them here and we’ll address them!

    The first roundtable will be me (the director) talking with the actors who play Rosa, Travis and Janelle tomorrow evening. We’ll be talking with the rest of the cast sometime next week.



    Oh! So exciting! ^__^
    I would love to hear any of these questions answered (but it’s totally okay if they won’t be, I’m sure there will be other interesting questions and things to discuss):
    To all the actors: Was your role in Awake your first time acting? (If not, could you tell us something about your acting experience?) Have you ever appeared on any podcasts before? (If so, please, tell us what were they) What do you think is specific to voice acting in an audio drama as opposed to other types of acting? Are you a fan of Japanese audio dramas? If yes, what are your favorites? Do you have a favorite seiyū? Who are they?
    To Rebecca Scoble: Were any of the sounds aside from the actors’ voices recorded (er… from real life sound sources, like hitting something against something else to get a hitting sound, etc.) or are all sound effects purely digital? What can you tell us about Persephone and her voice? And… I don’t know enough to ask the right questions, but I would love to hear anything else (what you didn’t tell in the Sparkler podcasts yet) about your experience working on Awake, the editing process and such. It’s all so fascinating… I also have some questions about the story: Awake was first pitched as a comic, right? Were there any major changes to the plot when it became an audio drama? What are the chances of there being any more Awake stories? (Side stories?/A continuation?/As audio dramas?/In comic book format?/As prose?)
    Will the round tables be a part of the bonus material of November 2014 complete MP3 release?
    Can you tell as anything about the epilogue? Any hints? Has it already been recorded? If not, when is it going to happen?
    To Jae Jae Lopez: How was it, playing both Janelle and Jamilah? Which role did you like better?
    To everyone: Who is your favorite Awake character? Do you ship someone from Awake? If yes, who? how? Your favorite chapter of Awake? Favorite scene? Favorite line? Favorite illustration for Awake? Which part did you like working on the most? What turned out to be the most surprising aspect of working on Awake, something you did not expect or could not imagine before starting the project? What was frustrating about working on Awake, if anything?
    Currently, what is your favorite Sparkler Monthly title? character? most anticipated new release from Sparkler? (a new chapter of something?/an ebook/a paperback)

    Leah Waig

    Do I count as a listener? X) I have a question for the actors! It involves FEELS. What was the most feels-inducing part of the series for you and why? Also, what was it like hearing the first finished chapter for the first time?

    (also, great questions, five-pm!)

    Rebecca Scoble

    Thanks guys! We recorded the first roundtable and covered a lot of these questions–it was a lot of fun, thanks to the Awake cast being super charming and wonderful.

    I did want to answer a few of five-pm’s questions that are better suited to text than audio. The roundtables will be part of the final release–they may also be available as next month’s subscriber exclusive. We’re planning to do a CD set of Awake, and although we plan to include the roundtables on that, we may need to do abridged versions if they end up running too long.

    And I think a lot of people missed this, but a few months ago I wrote a Beginner’s Guide to Audio Dramas as a subscriber exclusive. If you’re interested in the technical side of audio dramas, this goes through most of my process and gives a lot of tips and suggestions for how to create your own. It’s behind the paywall, but Sparkler members can read it here: http://sparklermonthly.com/exclusive/sparkler-school-beginners-audio-drama/

    Thanks for all the questions, and I hope everyone enjoys the roundtables when they’re finished!


    Rebecca Scoble, thank you for answering all these questions! I totally missed your Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Audio Drama when it was first released, it’s very interesting and thorough. What a fascinating process *__*

    I’m looking forward to listening to the roundtable! =^__^=


    Wow! The roundtable turned out to be absolutely delightful!
    Rebecca Scoble, Annemieke Wade, Jae Jae Lopez, thank you so much for answering my questions! And you even answered the really silly ones! ^^
    Listening to it was great fun!

    “Travis!” Ha-ha ^__^ Everyone`s favorite line^^

    Oh, the process of creating an audio drama seems so magical *__* Making sound effects sounds really fun. Behind-the-scenes details about the sounds were super interesting, thank you for telling us that, Rebecca! I had no idea every character had their own footsteps. It`s so cool!

    My favorite part of this podcast was probably when you talked about the epilogue! Some incredible revelations indeed XD *giggles hysterically*

    (About Rosa’s wife’s name – every time I heard it, it made me think about the so called Chinese Phoenix, fenghuang. So I like her name a lot.)

    I didn’t mean to be creepy/weird when I asked about shipping and the “how” of it, sorry!=^^=’ Thank you for answering that! That was great!

    I could totally hear the Janelle/Travis UST in Awake, and I like Travis and Seb together and Janelle and Seb’s friendship, but somehow Travis/Seb/Janelle is a place where my mind never went to before listening to this podcast… but now I think it’s going to be my Awake OT3 *__*

    And I couldn’t really see Rosa/Janelle happening before, because, at different points in the canon, both Janelle and Rosa have denied the possibility of it (which, in and of itself, can be viewed as a reason to ship them, really) and because there used to be Rosa/Jamilah and Jimmy Miller was the exception, not the rule (but everything can be different on Persephone, surely), but, yes, this ship has so many interesting implications, and you’ve brought up some amazing ones *___*
    There needs to be lots and lots of Rosa/Janelle fanfics! ♥ Yes, yes, yes, please!
    I doubt I will ever write any, though, but I think I will make some fan art *__*

    This was fantastic! Thank you!

    Rebecca Scoble

    Rosa/Janelle didn’t occur to me until they brought it up, either, but now I absolutely love it. I agree, somebody needs to write us some fanfiction! And the fanart you sent us colored on tumblr is wonderful–I am completely fueled by fanart, so that will get me through editing roundtable 2! :D

    Thank you again for all your excellent questions–it really made my job easier using them as a guide for the roundtable! And I’m really glad you enjoyed the final product!


    Rebecca Scoble, Thank you! And I’m so glad to hear that =^__^=

    I enjoyed the 2nd rountable immensely too :) Thank you for answering the questions!

    But when I said “fan art” I meant Rosa/Janelle fan art specifically. You already saw the W.I.P.s on tumblr, I think. I finally finished it:
    Janelle Vetrov and Captain Rosa Medina dancing to smooth jazz music, lit by romantic candlelight + bubbles and the little nurses got involved for some reason 0-O

    Lianne Sentar

    @five-pm – Holy… I love that picture! :D The bots! The graffiti! The logo on the screen! There’s so much detail and it’s so cute and AAAAAAAH XD


    Lianne Sentar
    , thank you! =^___^= (I will post a bigger version – so that the details would be visible – on tumblr&deviantart later)


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