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The blog audience is primarily aspiring authors. To that degree, most already understand that writing a serial is masochistic :)

I think the one perspective missing so far from the blog would be an editor. (If that weren’t possible — someone who completed navigating their way through the submissions process and got to an approved concept. )

The editor — I believe — is where Chromatic is different from some of the other serialized content players.

Jukepop serials doesn’t do any editing. It’s “you’re in on the basis of your sample chapters” and nothing happens beyond that.
Wattpad = no , no editing.
Amazon – yes, Kindle Serials does throw you into a partnership with an editor but their pace is punishing. (You are supposed to update twice a month with the editor involved in this process. )
(Skipping more minor players but there are several…)

Other ideas:
Talk about experience/ philosophy about paywalls and such. These are not common in serial prose circles.
Challenges in selling the serial vs. webcomics. (Like if you talked about engagement and feedback and hits of one medium vs. another. That too always interests people.)

Or talking about how it’s been curating a host of content /serials. Very few authors have ever aspired to go “collective.” (THere’s only one I know of operating right now in some kind of magazine form, “Chimerical Tales.”)

Or one of your team could just come in and talk about the short prose submissions and what you’ve learned so far the past few months too :).

MOre or less I’ve just had a lot of Jukepop folks all over the blog and I’d like to hear other voices once in a while .