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Lianne Sentar


Yeah, we kinda modeled how we link content + forums after ANN’s forums. As for a plugin for easier viewing/logging in, so far we’ve found that the Sparkler system keeps you logged in pretty much all the time, and none of the connected forums for each chapter are behind the paywall, so anyone can view them with just a click. If you’ve logged in once, it should be easy to view and comment. The only extra step is someone needs to get a free membership to actually post, which yeah, is a bit of a filter…which is on purpose. That small filter helps us keep this place neater and safer.

I love Goodreads – I think you’re right that that’s a good place to poke around next. Serial writers are indeed hard to find sometimes, but we’re not specifically courting them – we’re taking anyone who has the talent and can handle the workload. Some people have come to us with already-completed books, some are still writing but prove (before they start serializing) that they can stay on a decent schedule. I’m cool with any place that has passionate writers, regardless of their background.

Which kind of prose person would interest you for a guest post? A writer, an editor, someone who’s been through the submission process and was either accepted or rejected?