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Lianne Sentar

NoNane: We’ve been experimenting with leaving Tokyo Demons with both open comments and forum topics, but eh, I think it’s more confusing than anything. Keeping all comments as one or the other organizes the discussion a bit. And you’re right–having forums means it’s very easy to open discussions that have nothing to do with an individual series, which both expands commentary/community and keeps series-specific discussions more on-topic.

Tacto: Yeah, the way we publish a full chapter at a time (especially with our comic viewer) means the first comment could spoil someone who’s reading the first page! That was our other concern. In addition to, as you said, not being able to replicate the vibe of webcomic open comments because we didn’t want to pressure our creators into discussion. We’re very happy when they come to talk, of course, but we don’t make it a requirement to joining the magazine.