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From a non-content perspective, are you open to experimenting with the social interaction elements of this site? Many of the webcomics I follow online are using Disqus or some kind of comment on each page as it updates… or if they’re using a WordPress hierarchy they at least allow comment/logins via some other method (i.e., open id or your universal wordpress login).

I’ve seen many of the “forums” that used to support comics kind of die out in favor of immediate reactions to each page.

I realize it could get pretty messy but was curious.

There’s another option to consider and that’s the wordpress login sometimes deters people from jumping in with a thought. Have you considered using social login (http://wordpress.org/plugins/oa-social-login/) or some kind of equivalent to make participation in the public forum more immediate?

Regarding content, do you guys have enough info yet on the ages/tastes of your subscribers? Are you comfortable reaching out for proposals from romance authors not connected to the anime/manga fandom ? I’m wondering if you might try your next round of recruitment through Goodreads authors groups, etc.