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Lianne Sentar

We’re definitely planning some non-audio stuff for our audio series, since the format, although awesome, makes us cut back on a lot of things (like visuals, details, back stories, etc.). And we’re a mixed-media company, dammit! We can expand whatever we want. *lol*

Joamette, we’ve had our eyes peeled for a good Girl’s Love story since Day 1. Thankfully, we’re seeing some definite potentials now, and I hope at least one of them makes its appearance in the magazine soon. Since the Girl’s Love manga market has been so, so small in the West (despite the amazing work by Erica Friedman), and since a lot of it ended up coming through Male Gaze moe (which obviously isn’t what we’re doing), we’ve been extra careful about this – we want something good and something for actual ladies. That’s been tricky to find, especially since we’re really picky about everything. *lol* But soon, I hope! We actually put a semi-block on Boy’s Love in the next round of prose to encourage people to go for Girl’s Love or something straight, since we have enough Boy’s Love (and its mountain of male characters) for a while. We love Boy’s Love, of course, but we’re very serious about having a diverse lineup.